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September 2019 Promotional Products


Get back to work! Summers Over! Hard to believe but for all intents and purposes the summer of 2019 is now history. Equally hard to believe is the fact that Christmas is only about 100 days away. If you are in the promotional products field now is one of the 2 busiest times of the […]

Factory Direct Promotional Products

Pop phone grips and accordion socket style phone stand. Get your logo on this promotional product. Show it off on your phone and logo your pop phone socket

Why are you paying extra to some supplier so they can sit on the products in a stateside warehouse when you can get an Asian factory direct solution in 10 days or less? Amidst all the turmoil and fears about the pending tariffs there are a number of fundamental issues promotional product distributors need to […]

I Am Here

tonight la manzanilla

Every year I take a 3+ week vacation during the Chinese New Years. Sun, Sand and Product Research. Yeah right! You may be thinking as you read this..”BS…product research on the beach in Mexico!” If you do think this way (ie BS) you are wrong (in a nice way). “Yea Right…you call BS…product research on […]

Get 4 FREE Samples of POP: the Collapsible Phone Grip and Media Stand!

pop phone grip samples get free pop phone grips and media stands

Get 4 FREE Samples of POP: the Collapsible Phone Grip and Media Stand! Get 4 samples of 4 color logo’d POP phone grips. For FREE. Easier to sell if you got samples…right? Would you like 4 FREE samples of the POP phone grip? Of course you would…simply do the following steps. Send us your address […]

New Promo Idea: the ultra thin waterproof Tyvek paper wallet

whole foods paper tyvek wallet

Turn your clients logo into an ultra thin, waterproof, tearproof Tyvek Paper Wallet! If you’re a millennial, you totally get what this is. If you’re older, well…you need some info! We specialize in seeing what is trending online and at retail and especially what is hot with the Millennial and Gen Next. What is a […]

The Friday Funny: Keeping the ‘fun’ in Promo

promotional products with a fun edge from promomotive

” Let’s face it, we all need a laugh on Fridays, here’s to a fun weekend!”   The fact you are looking at this page should also tell you something! The headline, the image, the idea or all of the above has caught your attention and made you curious enough to click on the ad […]