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The World Most Expensive Hamburger

The world’s most expensive burger has gone on sale in a Tokyo restaurant with a $1000 price tag. Chef Patrick Shimada, who works at the Oak Door steakhouse in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, is the man behind the creation – which will be on the menu until June. The Golden Giant Burger is made up of […]

Square Pop Phone Grips

Pop phone grips and accordion socket style phone stand. Get your logo on this promotional product. Show it off on your phone and logo your pop phone socket

Round Popsockets, Round Nuckees, Round, Round Round. But, is there a Square one? Let’s face it there are round logo’s and square logos but when it comes to phone grips most are round (ie popsockets and nuckees etc) and when it come’s to logo’s most are square or rectangular. POP SQuare to the rescue! Min […]

March Madness 3 Day Sale

We don’t usually do this, infact we have NEVER done this before but since it is March and we are a little Mad (Mad as in crazy) we feel like offering our distributors a MARCH MADNESS 3 DAY ONLY SALE! See our entire collection of POP Phone Grips. Click Here!

Coming Soon | Folding Laptop Stand

Get your logo on a folding laptop stand. Bulk wholesale promotional product.

Here’s a great new idea for your next promotional product campaign. The Folding Laptop Stand. This ultra thin, supper strong adhesive backed folding laptop stand is the perfect way to get your logo out front of the crowd. What do you think? Email us for details [email protected]

The Top 3 Trending Promotional Products for 2019!

nuckee phone stand promotional product

The Top 3 Trending Promotional Products for 2019! Promotional products are often maligned as being cheap and trashy however promotional products (aka swag) plays an important part in the business world’s overall marketing strategy. Clocking in at 27 Billion US dollars per year the promotional product business is no slouch in the advertising game. In […]

Free Pop Phone Stands.

pop sockets promotional product

In the promo business there is a saying…”If you can’t smell them, you can’t sell them!” Free sales samples of the POP, POP SQUARE and NUCK POP Phone grips are yours just for asking! The back of your customers smartphone is the new battleground for marketing dollars and brand exposure. We are pleased to present […]

New Promotional Product Ideas for Spring 2019

folding water bottle promotional product

New Promotional Product Ideas for Spring 2019! We are always on the lookout for new products that can have your clients logo printed on them. We pride ourselves on spotting new trends and ideas that everyone loves and your client desires. Folding BBQ Tool. Coming Soon! 2. Folding Coffee Cup. Go to Product Page by […]

When Does Chinese New Years End?

when is chinese new years over

When Does Chinese New Years End? Why is it taking so long? The short answer is the actual holiday is FEB 7th and everyone will be back at work on the 14th of February. Then the factories will gear up and start producing again. However, don’t wait to put in your orders as the system […]