Canadian pop phone grips suggest retail coded C

Canadians Distributors Get Promo Motive

Canadians Distributors Get Promo Motive

We are based in Canada and we only sell to Distributors. What more is there to know?

It’s an odd fact that Promo Motive and the custom site Promo Crunch is based in Canada but 99% of our clients are American (include Halo, Kaeser Blair, Geiger etc). We are now changing that and invite you to check us out.

Promo Motive is a long time promotional products supplier that specialized in trend-savvy swag (yes I know you hate that word) and we deliver all good factory direct and fresh.

How Fresh?

We deliver logo’d product from our factory in China in as little as 7 days. Yes, 7 days.

We NEVER charge extra for shipping, set ups or 4 colour. As a Supplier who owns factories we know the cost of these to us is zero, bupkis, zilch, nada. If it doesn’t cost us anything we don’t charge you anything. Simple. The only extra is of course GST.

Why Are You Paying Too Much?

One of the things we specialize in is POP phone grips. Our factory gives us a smokin’ deal. These come with the official 3M waterproof washable re-usable adhesive, a custom package complete with “how to use instructions” plus free 4 Colour.

Check out the competiton, we are over $1 less expensive with no set ups or extras. If you are using them you are PAYING TOO MUCH!

Why Pay This?????

whay are paying too much for pop sockets

whay are paying too much for pop sockets

When You Can Pay This!?

Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email Emily@Promo

Canadian pop phone grips suggest retail coded C

Canadian pop phone grips suggest retail coded C

Canadian square pop phone grips suggest retail coded C

Canadian square pop phone grips suggest retail coded C

pop phone packaging

pop phone packaging

pop mount

pop mount


pop phone grip samples get free pop phone grips and media stands

Get 4 FREE Samples of POP: the Collapsible Phone Grip and Media Stand!

Get 4 FREE Samples of POP: the Collapsible Phone Grip and Media Stand!

Get 4 samples of 4 color logo’d POP phone grips. For FREE.

Easier to sell if you got samples…right?

Would you like 4 FREE samples of the POP phone grip? Of course you would…simply do the following steps.

  1. Send us your address and include your FedEx, UPS or other ground courier account. Email Us Here:

  2. See Point #1

pop phone grip samples get free pop phone grips and media stands

See NET price above, includes FREE SHIPPING and No Set Ups!

Why did we show you NET Prices not CODED?

We believe “you deserve more than a lousy C.” Go ahead and and charge more for freight or product or set ups. We don’t care. We want you to make money!

Start with a low 250 piece MOQ and Guaranteed Delivery in 8 days. FREE Shipping, FREE 4 Color Logo, NO Set Ups!

“We believe you deserve more than a lousy C!. Go ahead and and charge more for freight or product or set ups. We don’t care. We want you to make money!


Visit the product page…Click here.

emily graham marketing

Meet Emily Graham

Meet Emily Graham

We are pleased to introduce Emily Graham to the Promo Crunch promotional products family.

As the owner of the business I am very sensitive to making any changes to the company that are not in the best interest of our customers. We believe in “extreme customer service” and any addition we make – whether it be product or personnel – I am always aware that every step forward must be an improvement.


Emily was raised on Promo…

Emily has been around and in the promo business since she was born. As I am a long-time promo supplier, my two daughters have both been raised on Promo. Over the last quarter century they have watched as I’ve built Promo Crunch and Promo Motive.


“We believe in EXTREME customer service!”


They have learned what coded pricing is, what a Supplier does and what is a Distributor. They have learned all about the arcane world of ASI/PPAI. Emily is no ordinary “hire off the street CSR” when in comes to promotion.




Multi-Dimensional Character Brings a Fresh Millennial Perspective

Emily is not the run of the mill “owner’s kid” – in fact, I am really offended that people hire their kids even if they are wrong for the job. Emily has been offered work here several times over the years but has turned it down to pursue her own goals. Emily has attended University, has performed at a National level as a pro fitness model (just like her Dad… NOT!) and has worked as national sales rep for a nutritional supplements company. Emily is a very goal-oriented salesperson.




Of Course, I am her Dad – Yes, I am biased.

It would be disingenuous of me to say that being Emily’s Dad doesn’t play a part in me hiring her as a customer rep. I had to think long and hard about it. Was she right for the job, would she understand your needs, would she dig deep and hard to solve your promo needs. After much reflection, the only answer I could come back with was and is YES. Emily Graham will rock your promo product world.


To reach Emily call 1-888-908-1481 or email her at

emily graham promo motive promo crunch 7

promotional products with a fun edge from promomotive

The Friday Funny: Keeping the ‘fun’ in Promo

promotional products with a fun edge from promomotive

” Let’s face it, we all need a laugh on Fridays, here’s to a fun weekend!”


The fact you are looking at this page should also tell you something!

The headline, the image, the idea or all of the above has caught your attention and made you curious enough to click on the ad which has brought you here. That is the power of humor and eye-catching marketing ideas.

The promotional product industry prides itself on producing eye-catching ideas that capture attention onto their customers logo. Our business model is truly that simple!

However, why are we (Promo suppliers and distributors alike) often the most conservative unfunny bunch in the room? Shouldn’t we constantly be shooting new ideas at our clients in an effort to show them we know how to get a lot of attention on their logo?


Here are 4 new eye-catching promo ideas that are priced at an amazing factory direct to your door with no set ups and FREE freight offer!

Want to know more? Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email


stainless steel drinking straws for your logo

See the above products page by clicking on this link.




stop paying too much for custom logo socks

See the above products page by clicking on this link.



Thursday folding reusable drinking straw.

See the above products page by clicking on this link.

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See the above products page by clicking on this link.

new promotional product ideas

New Ideas are the Lifeblood of the Promo Industry

NEW Promo Ideas! Don’t Run Away!

New ideas are the lifeblood of the promotional products industry. End-users from all over the country are looking for new ideas from their distributors and Promo Motive is the SUPPLIER of these new ideas to Distributors.

In every business it easy to get in a rut. However, if you are a promo Distributor, getting in a product rut is a very bad idea. It is very common for Distributors to continue to go to the same old Supplier well and promote the same old Supplier ideas. Promo Motive is a supplier who does it differently. We concentrate on NEW ideas ONLY!


“Promo Motive: the Supplier Who Does Weird Well!”


New Idea #1 – Last Straw: the folding reusable drinking straw

Folding reusable drinking straw for your logo or promotional marketing

Click here to go to product page


New Idea #2 – PPR Wallet: the 100% recyclable Tyvek paper wallet

get yourr logo or business marketing message on a water proof tyvek paper wallet. Wholesale pricing on this fully imprintable tyvek paper wallet.

Click here to go to product page

New Idea #3 – POP Phone Grips: the pop out phone stand for smartphone

custom pop phone grips

Why pay too much? Click here to go to product page

New Idea #4 – Stainless Steel Straws: the set of reusable drinking straws

promotional stainless steel drinking straw

Best price on the planet! Click here to go to product page

New Idea #5 – Custom Socks: knitted or sublimated

custom socks christopher walken promotional product

Click here to go to product page


Wanna know more? Call 888 908-1481 or email


Promo Distributors Market Like Mad: FREE Video

The #1 Marketing Tool in 2018 is the YouTube Video.

The #1 promotional product for late 2018 is the Last Straw: the folding collapsible reusable drinking straw.

Get your Distributor contact info on a FREE YouTube video. Simply send us your logo and contact info and we will create a YouTube video and upload it. Plus, we will send you a high resolution version you can upload.

Here is a sample or 2 of FREE videos done for distributors!


Get Your logo on a FREE Last Straw video. Send info to: …include your logo and contact info!



wholesale net prices for the folding reusable drinking straw.

get your logo on a folding collapsible drinking straw

Folding Collapsible Reusable Drinking Straw

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on customer ratings (see reviews here).

The World’s Best Folding, Reusable, Drinking Straw made specifically for the Promotional Product Industry!

The Last Straw is the logo friendly folding, collapsible, reusable drinking straw.

What is a folding reusable drinking straw?

Distributors! Do You want a FREE End-User VIDEO FLYER? Click for details.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months you have seen in the news from around the world that all types of 1 time use plastics are being banned.

In fact, major cities including Seattle and Vancouver have outlawed plastic drinking straws altogether making their use an illegal offence!

The ban on over 1 billion per year plastic straws caught many in the promo world unawares. However, trendsetter Promo Motive caught the idea early and came out with the Last Straw. The Last Straw is designed to be logo friendly!

Distributors this is your chance to present your client with something trending and eco-conscious! It’s a promo home run!


How to sell the Folding Reusable Drinking Straw.

If you think that selling a $5 net drinking straw is a tough sell think again!

In fact, there are folding straws on the market that sell for $30 or more… Check out this Kickstarter program that sold over 80,000 units at $30 a piece!

“The selling points on the folding straw are not all about the function of it, it’s about the emotional appeal of it!”

First point

This all started with a Turtle video. The storyline is simple: ecologists and scientists working in Costa Rica come across a Turtle in distress. They pull it aboard and find a plastic straw stuck in its nose. WARNING: video has disturbing images. 

Second Point

After over 30 million views of the video and a greater understanding of how billions of plastic straws were ending up in the oceans and staying undegradable for up to 5000 years, cities and countries banned the sale and use of disposable plastic straws.

Read about cities and companies banning straws including McDonalds!

To read the articles simply click on the links below.

Seattle bans straw…

Vancouver bans Straws…

McDonalds Bans Plastic Straws…read more…

Huge 1000 location Bon Appetite bans straws…read more…

Alaska Airlines Bans Straws…. read more…







Third Point

It’s not about why would anyone pay $10 for a straw, but more importantly it’s about what it says about a brand to have their logo on a folding reusable drinking straw.

Your clients logo on a LAST STRAW says to the world that the client cares about the environment, is on top of the latest trends and lastly, but not least, they want to be seen as helping solve a recognized world problem and being a part of the solution!


Some Distributors say that “No One Will Use It!”

These distributors may be sort of right but at the same time COMPLETELY WRONG!

Many people may not use it but MILLIONS will BUY it!

The Last Straw folding reusable drinking straw will be a massive marketing statement for your clients. It will say to the world that they are an eco-friendly, trend-setting company. Who wouldn’t want to be this?

Delivery is 2 weeks and includes FREE SHIPPING and NO SET UP!



How to USE and Clean a Folding Reusable Straw