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march promo flyer


Get your clients logo on it for less! To save the flyer below simply right click and save to desktop. Or simply copy and paste this link into your own personalized e-mail https://promomotive.com/2020/03/05/march-promo-flyer/ Want to go straight to these products. Click The Links Below. Pop Phone Sockets: Click 2 see! Folding Coffee Cup: Click 2 […]

Distributor No-No

dumb distributors

What is the Number 1 thing Distributors say to us that shows they are not serious about their business! “I hope my client calls back!” I am probably going to get some hate mail on this posting but as a supplier to the promotional products industry we sit in a unique position. We speak with […]

Industry Update

promotional product recession beater

Promotional Products Industry Overview. In the early part of Summer 2019, the promotional product industry braces for massive changes to come in the fall and on into winter 2020. Beware the coming business world apocalypse! Ominous sounding, I know, but here is what is likely to affect your business and how to deal with it […]

Fun is Profitable

birth of promotional products

Fun in Business is Profitable This is just my opinion and once in a while I have been know to be wrong. (although I can’t exactly recall any of them). But… The promotional products business has become a whole lot less funny and more serious than it has ever been and should ever be. In […]

Geek & Trend Flyers

Embrace your inner geek with these amazing inexpensive bulk promotional products. Get your logo or corporate brand on these factory direct promotional products and trade show swag.

Below are some of our most popular geek and trend styles and their flyers and images. They are amazingly unique promotional swag and are perfect for your logo. To save the images simply right click on any image and save it to your desk top. For more info call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email [email protected]

POP Phone Stands Flyers

Get your logo on a Pop Phone Stand. Great for trade shows and business marketers. To save any image or flyer from below simply right click on the image and save to your desktop. All prices include all costs including freight to your door.

Promo Distributor Contest

Win $1000 in Free Promotional Swag. Get a Free YouTube Video!

You Are An Independent and Creative Thinker.

independent promotional product sellers

I have come to to the unassailable conclusion that if you are reading this you are an independent and creative person. It’s something we all dread doing. Cleaning and sorting throught one’s email inbox. Capturing and organizing those emails and addresses that you want to keep and deleting and blocking those old Viagara and Loius […]