black folding reusable collapsible drinking straw

Starbucks HOT for the Folding Collapsible Reusable Drinking Straw

Starbucks bans plastic drinking straw, considers Last Straw folding reusable straw for promotion.

The world’s largest retailer of premium coffee is considering the folding reusable drinking straw to be offered in their retail outlets.

Coming hard and fast on the heels of the Starbucks recent ban of over 1 Billion plastic straws per annum are a slew of inquiries by the coffee giant through distributors for the Last Straw to be placed in their retail settings.

black folding reusable collapsible drinking straw

Thousands of companies, businesses, cities, towns and countries ban the sale of plastic straws.

Starbucks is not unique in the banning of straws. In fact, thousands of businesses across the globe have banned the sale of plastic straws. As well, whole countries such as the UK and Canada are moving to ban the 1 time use disposable straw.

blue folding reusable collapsible drinking straw

The Turtle Video that started this:

This all started with a Turtle video. The storyline is simple: ecologists and scientists working in Costa Rica come across a Turtle in distress. They pull it aboard and find a plastic straw stuck in its nose. WARNING: Video has disturbing images. 

A Flurry of Inquiries

Promo Motive is the wholesale importer and supplier of the Last Straw and has been deluged with ASI distributor inquiries for samples, virtual proofs and sales of this hot trending idea. With small minimum orders, FREE shipping, 4 color logos and no charge set ups, this promises to be a hot promo item for the coming year.

grey starbucks folding reusable drinking straw

For more info:


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offensive ad about promotional products for tradeshows and business promotional products

Is this ad offensive or funny?

Is this ad offensive or funny? Recent email ad causes some recipients to be offended. But is it offensive?

In today’s hyper-sensitive world is it possible that ads that were once cosidered tongue-in-cheek funny are now so offensive that they speak of an enormous insensitivity?

offensive ad about promotional products for tradeshows and business promotional products

offensive ad about promotional products for tradeshows and business promotional products

As a marketer to promotional products distributors, professional swag sellers, I am one who often pushes the boundaries in advertising. In my opinion, our ASI industry is a little too cautious in our approach which seems odd to me as we are an industry that takes pride in providing products with your logo on them that “cuts through the clutter”.

“In short, the ASI promotional industry seems to me to take pride in providing ideas and products that cut through the clutter, yet at the same time prefer to be so cautious in their own marketing to not offend anyone that they have become boring! Am I right in this?”

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Last week I sent out the above ad via an email blast and had great response in click through (892 visits) but had one response in particular that was from a very upset person.

In part here is what she said.

“I’m sure you know what’s best for your company and the demographic you sell to, as I feel I know what’s best for my clients and the demographic I sell to. Just know that this appallingly self-congratulatory and grand-standing response didn’t win any business from me, and I’m of the opinion that winning business was the point of the ad.
Your ad is the exact opposite: it’s not edgy or dangerous; it’s out of touch with younger, open-minded, diverse and self-aware generations that don’t want to see misogyny continued in advertising. If anything, it’s an exact reflection of a sixty year old white dude. And who am I to say that’s not who you’re targeting as a demographic?”


My opinion is simple, my question is simpler.

I feel we have become so in tune with being sensitive to not offending anyone that we have lost our ability to laugh. If we lose this ability I feel we lose creativity and in this industry, isn’t creativity and boundary pushing part of our job.


Is this ad offensive?

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tradeshow and promotional product giveaway pop phone stand and holder

tradeshow and promotional product giveaway pop phone stand and holder

the fidget spinner is dead

The Death of the Fidget Spinner.

This just in. The Fidget Spinner Fad is Officially Dead!

I am completely within the rights to make this announement. The Fidget Spinner is Dead. After selling over 1 million of them in the Winter, Spring and early Summer of 2017 I can now tell you that the Fidget Spinner Phenomenom is over, kaput, finito, dead as a doornail, long, long gone!

dead fidget spinner is now officially dead

dead fidget spinner is now officially dead

Let’s look back for a moment. At this exact time in the early spring of 2017 I could not turn my phone on at anytime without it ringing and a request for a Fidget Spinner.It was insane.

As fun and as profitable as it was to be in on a the ground floor of a fad it was a toll taker on the head and business. We put in 14 hour days and could barely just keep ahead of the order entries. We were fortunate in the fact that we spotted the trend late in 2016 and made sure our off-shore factories we all aligned to meet the demand and we did meet the demand.

“I am sure glad we carry no inventory as those suppliers who still have fidget spinners in stock are sitting on a heap of rusting bearings and plastic that no one wants!”


the fidget spinner is dead

the fidget spinner is dead


The Fidget Spinner was one of those rare bits of social science that captures people attention like few other things. Cabbage patch dolls, Pet Rocks, Hula Hoops and Fidget Spinners will all be in the fad hall of fame.

Fidget Spinners were great for marketers. It was a huge sensation that worked perfectly at tradeshows and b2b marketing. However for those who thought it would have a long shelf life and brought in hundreds of thousands to sit on their shelf awaiting small orders with logos they are holding a ticking time-bomb.

Bearings should be stored in grease and when used are always encased in a grease or oil based lubricant. This is NOT how suppliers who have these in stock are storing them. As this is the case even if you order fidget spinners you are likely to get one that is rusty.

Furthermore a lot of the truly “fadish spinners” such as glow in the dark and LED are no longer having housings made, there is just no demand.

“The only fidget spinner still worth buying are high qaulity metal spinners that are custom made for you and shipped by air and greased to go!”

So, a year after the world went ape-shit-crazy for the Fidget Spinner I am now deleting all but a few of the best quality ones from Promo Motive as I know these are valuable and quality oriented.

The world has moved on and the new fad is quite possibly the POP Socket!

Pop socket phone stands for trade shows

Pop socket phone stands for trade shows

coded pop phone stand prices without c

coded pop phone stand prices without c


Dentist Promotional Swag

We Specialize in Promotional Products Specifically for the Dentist and Dental Industry.

Dentists have a unique need for promotional products. The purpose of Promotional Swag for Dentists is to reinforce the Dentists brand and services into their customer minds. It is also to provide a unique “calling card” to their clients to remind them of the Dentists contact info.

Dental Implant USB Flash Drive

Our most popular promotion for Dentists, Dental Surgeons and Implant Specialists is our Dental Implant USB.

This is a great way to keep your info and ideas at the “top of mind” of your clients and potential clients.

dental implant usb flash drive for tradeshow and b2b dentist promo swag

Price: Based Upon the minimum order of 250 units and an average memory size of 4 GB. Each unit is $6.48. Set Up/Personalized Mold is $80. Free Shipping.


If you’d like a FREE 3D DESIGN simply send us your logo and we will send you back a free design. Email us @ or call 1-888-908-1481 

PS: We have made these for Straumann!

Looking for Something Else for the Dental Professional? Check Out the Pop Collapsible Phone Holder for Smart Phones!

View Product Page Click Here

dentists and dental implant promotional products for trade show and b2b swag

 Thanks for your interest in Promo Motive and or Custom House Promo Crunch

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tooth brush custom shaped flash drives for dentists and dental professionals for swag

dental custom shaped flash drives for dentists and dental professionals for swag

custom shaped flash drives for dentists and dental professionals for swag