Rapid Importing

Rapid import promotional marketing products

Promo Motive is a full-service, rapid importer of custom made, Pantone-matched promotional products that are delivered in 21 days from approval.

We look after your order every step of the way. As we like to say, From the factory floor to your clients door.

But what is rapid importing?

Rapid importing is the long-time specialty of Promo Motive.  Here’s the best way to understand this.

Over the years, Promo Motive and its key people have traveled extensively to see and work with over 100 promotional product factories located throughout South East Asia and a handful of key domestic manufacturers here in the USA and Mexico.

Over the years and 1000’s of custom factory direct orders, Promo Motive has helped distributors bring unique custom marketing products to their clients more quickly and more efficiently.

In fact, through its distributor partners, Promo Motive has made custom products for more than 200 of the Fortune 500 companies.

As a result, a number of our clients have told us “they consider that we are their (air quotes) “not so in-house” import and sourcing department. In fact a couple of our clients have actually had us become their full time import specialists, downsizing their own , expensive in-house solution.

Our clients also often use as a way to replicate and recreate products that have either gone of out stock or have become too expensive.

Our specialty is in rapidly importing, full-color imprinted and Pantone-matched products in 10 to 25 days or less fills a unique and creative solution for our marketer partners. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected]