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acrylic phone stand

The best 2 promotional product ideas for trade show and promotional swag also both happen to be phone stands.

Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding cities in China. Days 6-8.

promo motive

Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding named cities in China. If you want to be a really successful supplier to the promotional products industry you really need to”get into the weeds” in China. This means one has to get outside of the big super cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen etc and get into the “smaller […]

Shenzhen and on to Hangzhou. Days 5-6.


Shenzhen is one of China’s Miracles. Here’s Why! In 1975 the sleepy fishing village of Shenzhen had a population of under 3000 people. It was across the bay from the British Colony of Hong Kong. Today the city of Shenzhen including it’s ‘burbs is now almost 40 million people. Below is a picture of Shenzhen […]

September 2019 Promotional Products


Get back to work! Summers Over! Hard to believe but for all intents and purposes the summer of 2019 is now history. Equally hard to believe is the fact that Christmas is only about 100 days away. If you are in the promotional products field now is one of the 2 busiest times of the […]


nuckee pop phone stand promotional product

Courtney Marshall. Promo Motive Trend Analyst and Customer Connector. Hello there. My name is Courtney Marshall and I am the Trend Analyst for Promo Motive. Sounds like a fancy title and invariably what people ask after I tell them they ask “what is a trend analysts do?” What does a trend analyst for Promo Motive […]

Pop Phone Stand. The Gripper

pop gripper promotional product

Pop Phone The Gripper. The Latest and Most Rocking Pop Phone Grip!