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Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding cities in China. Days 6-8.

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Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding named cities in China. If you want to be a really successful supplier to the promotional products industry you really need to”get into the weeds” in China. This means one has to get outside of the big super cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen etc and get into the “smaller […]


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Courtney Marshall. Promo Motive Trend Analyst and Customer Connector. Hello there. My name is Courtney Marshall and I am the Trend Analyst for Promo Motive. Sounds like a fancy title and invariably what people ask after I tell them they ask “what is a trend analysts do?” What does a trend analyst for Promo Motive […]


The Advantage of Importing Your Promotional Products. In The Age of Trumps Tariffs, Heightened Import Restrictions and International Uncertainty, There Has Never Been a Better Time to Import Direct Your Swag! As counter-intuitive as it may sound there has never been a better time than now to have us import your customers promotional products direct […]

Geek & Trend Flyers

Embrace your inner geek with these amazing inexpensive bulk promotional products. Get your logo or corporate brand on these factory direct promotional products and trade show swag.

Below are some of our most popular geek and trend styles and their flyers and images. They are amazingly unique promotional swag and are perfect for your logo. To save the images simply right click on any image and save it to your desk top. For more info call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email [email protected]

I Am Here

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Every year I take a 3+ week vacation during the Chinese New Years. Sun, Sand and Product Research. Yeah right! You may be thinking as you read this..”BS…product research on the beach in Mexico!” If you do think this way (ie BS) you are wrong (in a nice way). “Yea Right…you call BS…product research on […]

World’s Best Custom Flash Drives

We Make The World's Best Custom Flash Drives.

We Make The World’s Best Custom Flash Drives. Big statement but totally true. We do make the world’s best custom flash drives. Promo Crunch is the king of custom flash drives. We can turn just about any product, shape, logo, icon or shape into a custom shaped USB flash drive. As I am currently updating the […]