seattle mariners folding reusable drinking straw

Folding reusable straw hits marketing homerun! Seattle Mariners consider Last Straw.

Major League Baseball team Seattle Mariners consider reusable folding straw as next promo giveaway!

Seattle is one of over 400 communities world wide (and growing) that has recently banned all plastic drinking straws from being used or sold in the city, state, county or province.

It seems that each day a new community from around the world is getting on the bandwagon to ban plastic drinking straws. A groundswell movement first started by the Turtle Video seen by over 28 million people, the ban is despised by plastic straw manufacturers but loved by the promotional products industry.

Last Straw Folding Drinking Straw is ideal for Promotional Product Marketing.

The promotional products industry is always looking for new ideas, trending swag that can have a corporate or event logo put on it. Initially skeptical about the straw due to issues of cleanliness etc., the distributors have now been educated in regards to the folding drinking straw Last Straw’s bacteria resistant properties and overall usefulness.

The Trend is your Friend!

There is an old adage in business that the trend is your friend. In the case of the folding drinking straw the trend is partly due to the Turtle Video but also the oversubscribed Kickstarter campaign done by Final Straw. They set out to raise $12,500 and instead raised nearly $2 Million!

” The Trend Is Your Friend and the Folding Drinking Straw is going to be a Huge Trend!”

seattle mariners folding reusable drinking straw

This trend should be an indicator to Promo Marketers that this is a product to get their logo on!

“The trendsetting folding drinking straw. You may not use it but you will absolutely buy it!”

The herd mentality of the environmental movement is hard at work with the pending release of the folding collapsible reusable drinking straw.

The folding drinking straw is the “must-have” keychain accessory that may not see a lot of use but if you don’t own one and use a disposable plastic straw instead you run the risk of being seen as a modern day Typhoid Mary.

Promo Motive is set to be one of the first offering the Last Straw as a promotional product. Call 1-888-908-1481 or email for more info…

folding reusable drinking straw

Collapsible straw set to enter promotional products marketplace

The collapsible reusable drinking straw is set to enter the promotional products marketplace in the Fall of 2018.

Darling of Kickstarter, the reusable and collapsible stainless steel straw is the ideal new idea for the ever-changing promotional products marketplace.

It seems almost daily we are seeing ideas that have been around forever suddenly reimagined in new and interesting ways. Today’s new redo is the drinking straw.

the last straw collapsible drinking straw for promotional product

The Turtle Video that changed the world!

Sometimes just the simplest and most graphic imagery can change people’s minds and focus them on the problem at hand. The genesis for the reusable collapsible straw was this amazing video of a sea turtle having a straw removed from his/her nose.

The World responded in a way that no one could imagine!

Single use disposable plastic straws are now being banned in over 20 countries and hundreds of states, provinces, cities and communities across the globe. Even McDonalds is starting to ban plastic straws? 

the last straw collapsible drinking straw for promotional product swag

Promotional Products Industry Leads the Way…

The promo industry, which is often seen as an offender in the eyes of many for the amount of disposable plastic items it produces, is keen to be on the edge of this movement with several suppliers positioning themselves as leaders in the supply of the reusable straw.

Overcoming distributor objections is easy!

Distributors have been lighting up forums on Facebook and more spelling out worry about product safety. Not to worry, these collapsible straws are made from food grade stainless steel (incapable of supporting bacteria)  and lined with a food grade silicone tube (also incapable of supporting bacteria). The straws also come with a cleaning widget. No worries.

For more info contact us at 1-888-908-1481 or email

collapsible drinking straw for promotional promo

custom flash drive for tradeshow

Spiderman custom shaped USB flash drives wow them at trade show!

DC Comics gets custom shaped Spiderman flash drive done for trade show. Blows the audience away!

Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the Silver Age of Comic Books. This year DC comics had a custom shaped Spiderman made into a flash drive to be used as a promotional product giveaway.

Check out some images

spiderman custom shaped usb flash drive for marketing

spiderman custom shaped usb flash drive for marketing

Promo Crunch, the head office for Promo Motive is a long time expert in the field of creating innovative custom shaped promotions.

In the 15 years they have been designing and delivering custom shaped flash drives to the promotional marketplace, they have done 1000’s of unique designs.

Below are a selection of some of oue best work.

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custom flash drive for tradeshow

custom flash drive for tradeshow

batman shaped custom flash drive for tradeshow

batman shaped custom flash drive for tradeshow

We are the industry leaders in this field having done literally several thousands designs over the past 10 years. To see just some of our collection go to 

Custom shaped USB Flash Drives are an amazing way to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Turn your logo, product or idea into a custom shaped flash drive.
Each design is unique and totally geared towards maximizing your brand identity.
Minimum orders on custom flash drives start at 250 units.