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Sic 1 Are You Looking For A Marketing Advantage?

Promo Motive is the answer to your needs! Promo Motive is a factory direct supplier and service for businesses who are looking to:

We supply are a complete direct from the factory service for your promotional marketing products.

We are experts in this field with over 50 years of experience.

We will save you up to 50%. Try us for better swag and better service!

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Sic 1 How to be a better business marketer!

Here’s how to save money on business supplies. Let the factory direct promotional products supplier, Promo Motive, show you how to save money on business supplies. We offer our clients.

Personalized Expert Service – Factory Direct Money Saving Experience For Your Office and Marketing Swag

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We hope you found this video informative and fun. We also hope, it helps take the mystery out of how our personalized, direct from the factory, product sourcing service works for your business.

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Here’s A Few Ideas For Your Marketing!

pop sockets

POP The phone socket.

3 years ago these were selling for $5, $8 and nearly $10 each. They were way too expensive. Now, as a factory direct option, you can get the amazing Pop phone socket for less than $2 at the smallest order quantity.

Here are the all-inclusive prices with free shipping, full color logo and all costs included.

250-499 units $1.88 each

500-999 units $1.38 each

1000 units $.98 each

See the Pop

Still a Nerd Winner. Rubiks Cube

The OG fidget toy, the Rubiks Cube now has a great new twist. All 6 sides can have a photographic quality image and your logo on it. How cool is that?

Forget the boring yellow, green and red and get totally creative. With our direct from the factory offer you can get an all-inclusive price that is unbeatable. Price includes logo on all 6 sides and free shipping.

250-499 $4.43 each

500-999 $4.08 each

1000 plus $3.88 each

See the Cube
custom 4 full color rubiks cube
net prices re Ridge Minimalist wallets

Ridgist RFID Blocking Wallet

The minimalist wallet is one of the hottest categories at retail and now it’s available for your corporate or event logo. Stainless steel or carbon fiber. Comes with a hi tensile strength money clip, holds up to 8 cards and is RFID blocking. What is RFID? 

These are perfect for everyone and not only provides digital protection but makes your brand look amazing. Free shipping, free laser engraved logo.

100-249 $6.46 each

250-499 $5.14 each

500 plus $4.25 each

See the Ridgist RFID Wallet

Brilliant Bespoke Drinkware

We have 5 factory’s that produce drinkware for retailers and brands like Yeti, Swell and others. Put your logo on them, drop their logo and save 50% or more.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. When you pay for a brand you pay too much. You are paying for their marketing, corporate profits and shareholder profits.

When you order through Promo Motive you are getting the exact same great products without their brand, and their high prices. Get smart, buy better.

see drinkware category
Custom Branded Bespoke Drinkware CBBD-47

Go Green, Get Seen.

Let’s consider the environment. We have one of the most unique and creative selection of eco-friendly marketing products.

Not only are eco friendly products great for the environment but they are amazingly good for your brand. Look at the bamboo sunglasses as an option.

Putting your logo on a custom bespoke eco friendly marketing products says to your clients and prospective customers that you are environmentally aware and concerned and that your business focuses on being responsible.

Check out eco-friendly options

Bespoke Headwear

One of the things “that drive us crazy” is the cost that hat companies charge for the ballcaps, bucket hats and more. Quite simply, they take a $3 hat and add their labels and a couple of 10 cent touches and sell you the hat for $20, $30 even $40 bucks!

We use the same factory as Richardson, New Era and other brand name headwear companies. Think about it. Do you really think these hat brands have 1 factory that only makes hats for them? They don’t.

Hat prices vary, but you can expect to pay about $4 – $5 bucks for 250 hats with your logo and shipping. Now, that’s more reasonable isn’t it?

Cool Bespoke Custom Hats- Click
custom trucker hat with leather patch
zip chip mini frisbee promotional giveaway for your logo

The Zip Chip Mini Flying Disc

Unique and creative ways to get your logo seen are our specialty. The Zip Chip is just one of them.

Throw it over 200 feet and this soft flying mini-disc will catch everyone’s attention. Isn’t that part of the point with marketing giveaways? Get eyeballs on your logo.

Check out the YouTube video on these. See it here.

250 are about $1.98 and prices go down from there.

See the zip chip

Collapsible Reusable Travel Cup

Eco-friendly does not have to mean “big and bulky”. As much as we love bamboo coffee cups and Swell bottles they can be bulky.

So, to be even more useful, we created the collapsible reusable silicone coffee mug. They come in a 12 ounce travel size (see here) or the 16 ounce Biggie (see here).

Ton’s of colors, these “go anywhere cups” are the best way to get your logo seen and used.

Prices start at $5 to $6 and then go down from there.

see the reusable collapsible cup
Blue and White silicone collapsible reusable travel cup
custom usb flash drives house shape

Custom Bespoke Flash Drives

Custom flash drives are at an all-time low price. We are the leading designer of the bespoke custom shaped flash drives. In fact our site Promo Crunch is dedicated to the art of design for them.

We can turn your idea, product or logo into a custom shaped 3D USB flash drive.

Memory sizes available range from 4 GB all the way to 256 GB. A lot of poper packed into a cute little idea!

See custom USB Drives

New Tech Ideas

There is lots of tech ideas floating around these days. Some of them are rather crappy (IMO) while some are pure genius.

Pure genius best describes our wireless remote phone charger. Simply lay your phone down on the charging pad, no wires or connections and your phone charges fully and fast.

These are so popular they even come in bamboo and wheat straw versions along with the standard version.

Check The Tech
black wireless phone charger for brand identity
square silicone pop it fidget bubble toy

Are You Anxious?

Over the past 4 or 5 years the concept of fidget toys has become front and center in our world. It started with the fidget spinner and was followed by Fidget Sticks (see here), Silicone Pop Its (see here) Infinity Cubes (see here) , Fidget Cubes and much more.

Promo Motive specializes in these unique and fun-loving marketing ideas.

The reason they are so great is they release anxiety and at the same time ensure that the user is looking at your logo. Associating fun and relaxation with your brand. That’s a good idea!

see Silicone Pop Its

Let It Rain. You’re Protected.

For over 10 years we have had a relation ship with the world’s leading umbrella factory. In fact we have visited their factory a couple of time, impressive!

Umbrella’s are definitely old school. But as they say “What was once old is new again!”.

Get a custom bespoke umbrella with multi-colors, full overall logo sublimation, and custom touches.

Over 100 possible designs.

See Custom Umbrellas
1UMB Multi Color Custom Promotional Imprinted Umbrella
black and white non woven shopping tote with gusset

Custom Bags and Back Packs

Factory direct bags, shopping bags and back packs are one of the most effective ways to build your brand.

The bags we  offer range widely from eco-friendly Jute shopping bags, to bespoke custom back packs.

In fact, if you’re looking for the ultimate in custom-made bags and back packs we are the source. Go factory direct and save money, plus get far more creativity in your marketing.

View the custom bags

Trade Show Swag

Trade shows are an integral part of any businesses marketing plan. In today’s marketing scene trade shows are taking on more and more importance.

Over the past few years we have all “become disconnected” in business. To combat this, the trade show has become the place, on a business level, to reconnect.

Trade show giveaways are best described as “Cheap and Cheerful!” Here is the idea we like most, the Popster phone stand and card wallet.

Click to see Tradeshow ideas
pop phone socket stick on wallet and card holder

Promo Motive. Your Factory Direct Marketing Solution.

Promo Motive is a SUPPLIER of promotional products, trade show swag and creative office supplies. We specialize in getting your logo on them and delivering them to your door.

Think of us as your own product sourcing company.

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