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Clear see through vinyl masks

Freedom Masks are here! see through clear vinyl masks

The scientific evidence is overwhelming that everyone (including kids) can get and spread the virus. Even if kids are less likely to get sick they can spread the virus to their parent, elderly relatives and others. We need to protect everyone!


hello i am suing you

As America emerges back to business opening after the initial virus will there be Covid Lawsuits? YES! Watch This! I needed to get out of the office. Excuse the video setting 🙂 Email for inventory and prices on immediate delivery masks and hand sanitizer.Email [email protected] Don’t believe me that covid-19 lawsuits are possible? Read this…click […]


reserve hand sanitizer

This explainer video is designed for the promotional product distributors to help them to explain to their customers why there is a price increase, delayed delivery and general trouble with promotional products during corona virus.


supply problem

Is your current promotional products supplier out of stock? In the midst of the 2020 Corona Virus scare a lot of old-school promotional products suppliers are experiencing massive product shortages. We do not have that problem. Why are many suppliers out of stock? There are many reasons but let’s explore the top reasons and how […]

march promo flyer


Get your clients logo on it for less! To save the flyer below simply right click and save to desktop. Or simply copy and paste this link into your own personalized e-mail https://promomotive.com/2020/03/05/march-promo-flyer/ Want to go straight to these products. Click The Links Below. Pop Phone Sockets: Click 2 see! Folding Coffee Cup: Click 2 […]


factory direct from china promotional products

How to save money on your promotional products. It is no secret that over 97% of all factories in the world that produce promotional products are located in SE Asia, primarily China. It is also no secret that buying your promotional products direct from these factories will save you 30, 40 even up to 57% […]

Corona Virus

bat soup is it the source of corona virus

The Corona Virus. How it affects the Promotional Product Business! The current news from China re: Corona Virus. As I know everyone in the promotional product business is very busy at this time so I will make this in point form so its short and sweet. All factories and business in China will be back […]