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The Top 3 Promotional Products for Summer 2021! It is almost summer 2021 and a version of “normal” is almost back and ready to rock. As we look at the light at the end of the tunnel and we see the light is not a train rushing to overrun us but the light to re-open, the green light to get back to business.


merry christmas

We sit at a unique junction in the promotional product business. We deal with hundreds if not thousands of unique clients like yourself. In this role we get a lot of information on how distributors are doing, which way their business trends are moving and what to expect going forward.

New Promo Ideas

Promo distributors have you thought about this

New ideas are the lifeblood of the promotional product marketing business. If you are tired of selling PPE start selling new ideas instead. Promo Motive. “We do weird well!” The world’s coolest, unique promotional products and b2b marketing swag. Get your promotional giveaways direct from the factory and save. Free shipping, free logo, fast delivery all at one low price. Call 1-888-908-1481.