Today’s Top Trends in Promotional Products and B2b Swag is all about finding out about what is hot, cool and on the rise in popularity both at retail and for promo!

Promo Motive is an incredibly unique Supplier of Promotional Products. We Zig where others Zag. Here’s what make us different.

Firstly, we import direct from the factory to you, saving money and passing along the savings. Secondly. We only do cool. We don’t do dull and only offer amazing. No mugs, pens, hats or such here. As we like to say “We Do Weird Well”!

In our blog you will find articles and ideas on Today’s Top Trends in Promotional Products and B2b Swag. These include Fidget Cubes, POP phone grips, Fidget Sticks and several other creative ideas for tradeshows, B2b, ad specialty and promotional product marketing.

Ben Baker marketing expert

Personal Branding. What is your personal brand

Personal Branding with Ben Baker.

I have a good friend in the business, one I have known for sometime, Ben Baker. Ben is one of those rare types that are actually insightful and forward thinking when it comes to the promotional product marketing world.

Here is Ben’s Story and Video


What differentiates us?  Take away all the marketing speak, all the hype and all broken promises in this business and you get us.   We have worked for our business to business clients for over 20 years to make them more valuable to their individual clients. We are not in this business for the awards or the glory.  We are here to actually make a difference. We dive deep into our client’s businesses to understand what they do, what they care about, who their clients are and why their clients should care about them. Only by understanding what differentiates them in their marketplace can we develop a brand story that is relevant and engaging to the right audience.

It is a process that takes time and trust from both sides.  

It’s about doing the real work to position you for the future, so that people listen to what you do, understand what you do, and care enough to want to engage. There is no magic wand. Success, to us, is about working beside you and producing the work that connects you with customers in a deep and significant way.

What do we do?   We work side by side with you, to design and execute your end-to-end brand strategy. We work with mid-sized companies to take their brand and their companies to the next level.  We help you tell your brand story, better, so that you can grow in an effective way and attract larger and more profitable clients. And in the end.  . .

We consult, we teach and we speak on brand, message, market, vision and value.  

Trust is everything. We work hard to earn your trust. Take the time to get to know us and ask us the hard questions. Satisfy yourself that we understand you, your objectives and your values

The philosophy is simple: reduce noise and increase focus. We want to equip you to find your best story and tell it better than ever before.

What is our process? We are experts at formulating the questions that engage your entire team. And, we apply our insights to land on the messages that will move your market.

We want to be your active partner in developing solutions that are specific to your requirements and creating messages that inspire.

No one is an expert in everything.  There are some things that require an outsider’s eyes and ears to create a brand that resonates. That’s why they call us. And, our team is designed like a great triage team: When we need expertise that’s outside of our core expertise, we tap into a network of close relationships we’ve cultivated and curated over the past 20 years. So you get the very best, matched to your specific needs.

When you bring us to the table your success is our success. We work with you to Create Your LIVING brand, one that truly represents who you are and who you want to become going forward.

Guiding Principles

  • Cut through the clutter and help you communicate effectively, to the right audience in the right way, so they want to engage
  • Treat every client’s work as if it was our own
  • Understand our client’s wants, needs and desires, and work with them to achieve their goals
  • Listen and understand before creating solutions
  • Build long-term relationships to achieve long term objectives
  • Create meaningful campaigns that achieve brand objectives and goals
  • Be a partner with our clients, not a vendor to our clients
  • Develop campaigns for your benefit, not our portfolio
  • Create solutions that will make our client’s competition wild with jealousy

The only award we want to win is your trust” – Ben Baker

Ben Baker

p 604.512.7174               

do you have a great idea for a new promotional product or tradeshow swag

Got an Idea for a New Promotional Product?

Got an Idea for a New Promotional Product?

As a professional in the marketing and promotional products industry it is quite possible that you may be sitting on the next Fidget Spinner, Beer Koozie or Pop Socket. An idea that if you could only get made and marketed would make you RICH!

Ok….this may sound a little “over the top” but it can happen with the right idea!

“Here is the Basic Concept!”

  1. Promo Motive and Promo Crunch are experts at sourcing off-shore factories that are capable of producing and delivering quality promotional products. We are also really great at marketing them.
  2. If you have an idea for a NEW Promo you would submit the idea to us and if we both thought that it would succeed, Promo Motive would take on the development, production, marketing and sales of the product on.
  3. On the sale of each product you would receive a royalty percentage.

“Time to Buy The Porsche!”

Not sure if you should get to buy the Porsche but it may provide a pleasant and steady extra income. So, you say, how do I do this and not get screwed? Good question.

The first step is for you to protect yourself. Go to this site and download and then email me an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I will sign and return to you. This is a legal document that protects you and limits me from sharing your idea. (if in doubt, ask a lawyer).

Once I sign off and return the NDA you can then “reveal” the idea to me. This part of the process is quick. Why?

“Some Ideas are Dogs!”

Yup….tough to be honest but most of the ideas we all have are Dogs…..for one reason or another the idea that you thought was so brilliant just doesn’t work. It could be it’s too expensive or too similar to another product or simply just a bad idea. If I think it is, I will tell you. And if I pass on it I still can’t do anything with it as I have signed the NDA! (how smart of you!)

“A Few Ideas are BRILLIANT”

Yup…someone came up with the Fidget Spinner, Pop Socket, Fidget Cube, Beer Koozie and hopefully they are all making money on it! Lot’s of it.

If your idea is a great one, then we move on and into the prototype, design, production and eventual marketing of this idea. You would get to see your idea sold in the marketplace, get a check each month and be able to tell the kids…“Hey kids…see this Widget…I created it!

Want to grill me, put me under the hot white spotlight to see if this is a real thing? Go for it….call me John Graham at 1-888-908-1481. (No emails…takes too much time…but call)

do you have a great idea for a new promotional product or tradeshow swag

do you have a great idea for a new promotional product or tradeshow swag

Gary Bizzo, Social Media Rockstar, on the Dec 27 2017 show

Gary Bizzo, Social Media Rockstar, on the Dec 27 2017 show

On today’s show, we interview Gary Bizzo.  Gary has amassed a social media following of over 600,000.  He has done this by being purposeful and focused.  I hope that you enjoy the last episode of the year.

Here is wishing everyone health, happiness, peace and prosperity in 2018.




sex promotional products tradeshow and marketing ideas

The First Time I had Sex I was Afraid….

The First Time I had Sex I was Afraid….The Reason Was Because I was Alone…..and in the Dark!

It’s an old joke but one that never fails to catch peoples attention. In the business of promotional product marketing isn’t it all about catching someones attention?

So…why did you open this email?

The answers are simple…..

  1. It created curiosity? You wanted to know what the rest of the statement said.
  2. It was “outside of the box”. It did not say something like “new and improved” or “cheaper than the other guys”. You would not have opened the email if it had said this.

Promotional Marketing

In the world of Promotional Products there are 2 kinds of ideas…..

  1. The kind of promo that everyone does.
  2. The kind of promo that everyone should do but doesn’t do.

The kind of promo that everyone does!

If you’re a professional marketer and you are still promoting the idea of getting a logo on a Pen, T-shirt or Mug you belong to the first group , the kind of promo that everyone does.

If you belong to this group that is ok but, don’t expect higher than usual results, recipients of the promo to go “AWESOME!”  or the boss to say….”You are brilliant!

Nope…if you belong to the group the kind of promo that everyone does you will not be remembered.


On the other hand…If you are a professional marketer and look for ideas that set you apart then you likely belong to the group of idea gurus who markets with the kind of promo that everyone should do but doesn’t do.

This group tends to look for new ideas, retail trends that are now working their way into promo and promotional products that make people take a second look…...just like you did when you opened this email!

2018 Top New Trending Ideas for Promo!

Below are what we believe are ideas that will set you apart in 2018. For further info call us at 888-908-1481 or email us. 

Custom Socks

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag


POP Phone Stands

pop phone stand and phone grip for tradeshow marketing, b2b and promotional product

pop phone stand and phone grip for tradeshow marketing, b2b and promotional product

EDC Tools




Chinese New Years Dates and Factory Closures 2018. Why does it affect International business so dramatically?

Chinese New Years Dates and Factory Closures 2018. Why does it affect International business so dramatically?

Each year the Chinese New Years disrupts business and lives like no other holiday on the planet. Imagine Christmas, Hannukah, Ramadan and Thanksgiving all rolled into one 3 week long bender and you get CNY.

Factory Closures January 27th- Feb 20th 2018

Promo Crunch and Promo Motive deals direct with factories in China to deliver unique promotional products. Each year the world’s largest holiday throws a wrench into business and trade around the world. Here is a clear and concise explanation.”

Want to know more…? Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us 
Pop phone grips, phone and media stands, tradeshow, giveaway

Chinese New Years 2018

The reason and facts about Chinese New Years are unknown to many of here in the West…so this blog post will give you a simple explanation which might help you to explain to your customers why the holiday is so disruptive.
1) China is the most populous country in the world with 1.25 BILLION people. That is 4 times the population of the USA living in about the same area as the USA. It is 40 times the population of Canada!
2) Most people in China work in TRADE ZONES….these are large industrial areas (such as Shenzhen) . A TRADE ZONE is where cities and areas were built 30-40 years ago by the Chinese Govt to concentrate certain types of industry in one area. Shenzhen is electronics.
3) 35 years ago Shenzhen had a population of 100,000 people, mostly farmers. Now, Shenzhen is a city of 25 million with 100 Million living in the surrounding area. The total area of Shenzhen is about the size of Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego!
4) Most people living in Shenzhen (and the other major centers) have moved there from the country-side of rural China…… If you were to look at Miami on a USA map…or Newfoundland on a map of Canada…think of that as Shenzhen….then think of Seattle in the USA or Whitehorse in Canada and imagine that many people living in Shenzhen originally come from Seattle or Whitehorse (or somewhere along that route).
5) Come Chinese New Years…(or close to the actual holiday)….100’s of millions of people (yes 100’s of millions) get on the train or in their cars and go home……most cannot afford to fly home (domestic airlines are expensive) so they drive for 2-5 days or train for the 3-4 days….just to get home for New Years.
6) The best way to think of this is imagine EVERYONE in the USA leaves work and gets in their car or takes a train to travel a minimum of 500-1000 miles. That is a pretty close idea of the chaos!
7) Once they get back home, (after 2-5 days of travel)  about 15% of the all of the people who went home for the holiday…DO NOT RETURN…..they don’t phone in and say they are not coming back…they just DON’T RETURN!
8) So….after the holidays…employers are scrambling to get new employees to fill the roles of those who did not return.  There is even a NEW business that has cropped up after the holiday to capture the returnees……Job Catchers…these are people who stand at the train stations and ask returning workers A) What do you do?..and B) How much do you make?…..They then offer these returnees (right there and then) another job at a better wage..(and then drive them to the new factory or place of work)….a full 5-7% of people returning back actually start a NEW JOB!
9) The actual holiday is Feb 16th in 2018, but it effects are felt well in advance and well after the holiday….and oh yeah…almost forgot…
10) In September and October (9 months after CNY) there is a baby boom….spouses who have not seen each other except for CNY get pregnant and then in the Autumn the woman goes home to have the baby….
So… time a client asks you why………send them this blog…..and it will help….
John Graham