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PPE Trouble

Freedom Masks are here! see through clear vinyl masks

As the virus has not “magically disappeared” and is spiking and filling the hospitals etc it is now time to review the current PPE supply as its about to get ugly, again! Watch this video.

in stock hand sanitizer

magician hand sanitizer

In Stock In USA Hand Sanitizer. Finally, we have an amazing handle on In Stock in USA hand sanitizer. If you are looking for immediate delivery on 75% alcohol based, gel formula hand sanitizer this is the place. A) 1 ounce with custom label available in 5 days! Click here for prices, moq and more! […]

Pump Bottle


8.5 ounce pump bottle hand sanitizer. 75% alcohol. Limited availability. Will go FAST! 6 months ago, hell 3 months ago, it would have been nearly unimaginable to think that a simple 8.5 ounce bottle of 75% alcohol based hand sanitizer would be as rare as it is. But this is a whole new world, and […]

in stock hand sanitizer now


Hand Sanitizer: Blank 2 ounce and 4 ounce in Stock Now in USA! Ship Next Day No product has been more difficult to deliver than hand sanitizer and PPE over the last 6 weeks. Finally we have put 80,000 units of 2 ounce 75% alcohol hand sanitizer in stock in the USA and a very […]

back to work

covid combo pack

America prepares to go back to work! America is poised to go back to work in early May. People are frustrated, scared and angry but need to get back to work. America has never backed down from a challenge and the Corona Virus is no different. You wouldn’t go into battle without body armor would […]

Medical Wipes

medical wipes

edical Grade Disinfectant wipes are becoming a household and office cleaning must-have because they are so versatile – you can use these wipes to remove dirt and sanitize different types of surfaces, from your desk to your computer monitor and keyboard, TV, printer, fax machine, and telephone.