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America Business Anxiety 2020

marketing during the covid crisis

American Business Anxiety In the summer of 2020 and for the near forseeable future anxiety in the American business sector due to the disruption caused by covid-19 is rampant. We found this post at a great site dedicated to marketing for the fitness and health industrys. However it is very applicable to our general promotional […]

Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding cities in China. Days 6-8.

promo motive

Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding named cities in China. If you want to be a really successful supplier to the promotional products industry you really need to”get into the weeds” in China. This means one has to get outside of the big super cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen etc and get into the “smaller […]

Distributor No-No

dumb distributors

What is the Number 1 thing Distributors say to us that shows they are not serious about their business! “I hope my client calls back!” I am probably going to get some hate mail on this posting but as a supplier to the promotional products industry we sit in a unique position. We speak with […]

Sales or Marketer.

which one are you

Are You a Salesperson or a Marketer?

In this day and age where all of the sales inquiries come in through email or via online do you consider yourself a salesperson or a marketer?

Do you make outgoing sales efforts and when you do is it only to existing clients or new prospects?

When you make a product presentation are you always showing the same old stuff or are you showing you clients and prospects something new?

In the Promotional Products Business New Ideas are Your Life Blood!

Let’s face it, your competition is not the guy across town sitting in a similar office, a guy that is driving around with a bag full of pen and mug samples. No your competition is 4 imprint.com !

You Can Defeat 4 Imprint. Here’s How!

Let’s be honest, if you’re client is looking for crappy coffee mugs or leaky pens they are just as likely to go to 4 Imprint. That is what 4 Imprint (and others like them) do really well. They slap a logo on a basic promotional product and the buy does not need to get up from her desk.

What 4 Imprint does not do well is innovate! They are simply too big to move fast. This is where you can beat 4 Imprint!

Show the client something different. It will make you look different from 4 Imprint and that annoying guy across town driving around with his sample bag!

Here are a few innovative ideas that can be logo’d and sold! I guarantee 4 Imprint does not have them and you will look awesome if you show them! Call 1-888-908-1481 or email us for info. [email protected]

New Promotional product ideas 2019 Fall and winter 2020. Get your business or event logo on these trend setting promo swag ideas from Promo Motive

nuckee pop phone stand promotional product
nuckee pop phone stand promotional product

magnetic wrist band promotional product
magnetic wrist band promotional product


nervous distributor promotional products

We are both in the dog days of summer, those hot and sluggish days where not much gets done and at the same time on the edge of one of the busiest seasons for marketing. What are you focused on, Fishing or Finances? I understand that reading about what’s new and hot in promotional products […]