Mexico. Promo Motive goes to Mexico each year to recharge, rethink and reimagine the world of promotional products. Factory direct promotional products.

Who Is Promo Motive?

We Do Promotional Products Differently

Every January when most promo SUPPLIERS such as us (Promo Motive) go to PPAI in Vegas, we do it a little differently.

Firstly PPAI costs us as a SUPPLIER about $30,000 dollars by the time you add up rooms, flights, food, booth etc etc. We have done Vegas many, many times and the price is always the same , give or take.

So, instead of sending a team to show the Distributors what we offer we send a spy to see what is trending and hot. We then go to our factory’s and source the new products at a price LOWER than other suppliers can offer.

Secondly, by not having a booth that $30,000 does not go to our overhead. Think of it this way. If we made 20% net profit (which we don’t, it’s less) we would need to make $150,000 dollars in NEW CUSTOMER SALES as a direct result of having a booth. That does not happen.

What Do We Do Instead? We Take The Team To Mexico!

Our team works hard each year to be a creative supplier of unique promotional products. They need and deserve a rest.

So we take the top 5 people in the company and head to somewhere hot, inexpensive, off the beaten track and relaxing.

There we drink Cerveza and  Mezcal, 

We then review all the new product information our spies have gleaned from PPAI Vegas. We create a hotsheet of new products and then contact the factory’s that make the products and cut a deal that will rock your world.

We stay for a week or so, recharge, rethink and reinvent. The cost including everything is about 9k. 


The End Result? Happier People, Better Ideas and Smarter Business.

Let’s face it, when you get back from PPAI Vegas do you really remember more than a small handful of suppliers? Also, when every supplier sends a follow-up email saying “thanks for coming to our booth”, do you really remember them?

Vegas is fun, that’s true. But if you think about it, what Promo Motive does makes more sense and is way funner 🙂


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