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Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding cities in China. Days 6-8.

promo motive

Hangzhou, Huzhou and other Dr. Suess sounding named cities in China. If you want to be a really successful supplier to the promotional products industry you really need to”get into the weeds” in China. This means one has to get outside of the big super cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen etc and get into the “smaller […]

Distributor No-No

dumb distributors

What is the Number 1 thing Distributors say to us that shows they are not serious about their business! “I hope my client calls back!” I am probably going to get some hate mail on this posting but as a supplier to the promotional products industry we sit in a unique position. We speak with […]

You Are An Independent and Creative Thinker.

independent promotional product sellers

I have come to to the unassailable conclusion that if you are reading this you are an independent and creative person. It’s something we all dread doing. Cleaning and sorting throught one’s email inbox. Capturing and organizing those emails and addresses that you want to keep and deleting and blocking those old Viagara and Loius […]

Swag or Promotional Product?

Which term is correct? The answer you choose may be more telling than you think. This article may sound light hearted enough, should it be called SWAG or a Promotional Product but your answer may be more of a foreshadowing of your own personal future in this business and the future of this business in […]

What are the TOP 3 New Promotional Swag Ideas for Summer 2019.

top 3 promotional products summer 2019

Summer 2019 is just around the corner and the promotional product Guru’s at Promo Motive are launching new ideas and prices for your logo for summer 2019. “We have seen a huge uptick in requests for these 3 products” states Emily Graham CPO of Promo Motive. “The trend seems to be a desire to see […]


Pop phone grips and accordion socket style phone stand. Get your logo on this promotional product. Show it off on your phone and logo your pop phone socket

We are firm believers in the theory that “if you can’t smell it you can’t sell it! Ok, that may sound a little weird to say but you try and come up with a snappy slogan for free samples. Anyways, we have a ton of FREE Samples for your showroom or sales kits. We will […]

New Promotional Products for Spring 2019.

sunset on the beach in mexico

New Promotional Products for Spring 2019. Images and ideas from our spring 2019 product shoot. Each spring and then again each fall we go to a new and exotic location to take photos of our products plus to test out and photograph some of the latest trending promotional product ideas. This spring we have just […]

Is this even a thing?

splash guard . Noodle splash guard one of the worlds weirdest promotional products.

Is this even a thing? Very odd promo products from China. We have been in the supply side of the promotional products industry since Clinton was President. During that time we have travelled to China multiple times to visit factories and attend product trade shows. In our travels we come across a whole host of […]