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Here is a collection of end user flyers for the POP Phone Socket Grip. Simply right click on the image and save to your desk to

Stop Paying Too Much for Promotional Products

r u paying too much

Do you ever wonder if you are paying too much for your promotional products? If you ever wonder if you’re paying more than you should to your promotional products supplier then you probably are. People (this includes Distributors : ) ) are creatures of habit. We go to the same stores, the same websites, the […]

Shenzhen and on to Hangzhou. Days 5-6.


Shenzhen is one of China’s Miracles. Here’s Why! In 1975 the sleepy fishing village of Shenzhen had a population of under 3000 people. It was across the bay from the British Colony of Hong Kong. Today the city of Shenzhen including it’s ‘burbs is now almost 40 million people. Below is a picture of Shenzhen […]