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march promo flyer


Get your clients logo on it for less! To save the flyer below simply right click and save to desktop. Or simply copy and paste this link into your own personalized e-mail https://promomotive.com/2020/03/05/march-promo-flyer/ Want to go straight to these products. Click The Links Below. Pop Phone Sockets: Click 2 see! Folding Coffee Cup: Click 2 […]


factory direct from china promotional products

How to save money on your promotional products. It is no secret that over 97% of all factories in the world that produce promotional products are located in SE Asia, primarily China. It is also no secret that buying your promotional products direct from these factories will save you 30, 40 even up to 57% […]

Corona Virus

bat soup is it the source of corona virus

The Corona Virus. How it affects the Promotional Product Business! The current news from China re: Corona Virus. As I know everyone in the promotional product business is very busy at this time so I will make this in point form so its short and sweet. All factories and business in China will be back […]

acrylic phone stand

The best 2 promotional product ideas for trade show and promotional swag also both happen to be phone stands.


popsocket, phone, grips, promotional, product

Here is a collection of end user flyers for the POP Phone Socket Grip. Simply right click on the image and save to your desk to


r u paying too much

Welcome to 2020. Here’s what’s new in Promotional Products.

Chinese New Years 2020

promo motive

Chinese New Years 2020 Promo Motive deals direct with factories in China to deliver unique promotional products. Each year the world’s largest holiday (Chinese New Years) throws a wrench into business and trade around the world. We are often asked to explain Chinese New Years to clients….here goes! The reason and facts about Chinese New Years are […]

Promo Motive Launches New Web Site

factory direct inexpensive promotional products- Promo Motive

We listen to our customers and in response to their demands we have created and launched a new web site. It’s almost 2020 and promotional product distributors are even more demanding to have a simple to understand and use web site. In response to these demands we have totally rebuilt our site. It is designed […]

Stop Paying Too Much for Promotional Products

r u paying too much

Do you ever wonder if you are paying too much for your promotional products? If you ever wonder if you’re paying more than you should to your promotional products supplier then you probably are. People (this includes Distributors : ) ) are creatures of habit. We go to the same stores, the same websites, the […]

Cheap Phone Sockets

nuckee inexpensive phone socket stands and smartphone grips- Promo Motive

Looking for the latest phone stand ideas at the best prices? Look no further! No doubt about it, Pop Socket redefined the smart phone as the place to get your clients logo seen and seen again. (read about Pop Sockets patent troubles) Pop Sockets are a great idea but there are many many ideas for […]