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Corona Virus Mask

kn95 mask corona virus killer

KN95 Mask is the Corona Virus Mask There is a lot of information and misinformation going around these days about mask to help prevent the spread of the corona virus (covid-19). There are many selling the basic mask mask used by woodworkers and general use. These cheap mask will not prevent the corona virus particulate […]

Cheap Phone Sockets

nuckee inexpensive phone socket stands and smartphone grips- Promo Motive

Looking for the latest phone stand ideas at the best prices? Look no further! No doubt about it, Pop Socket redefined the smart phone as the place to get your clients logo seen and seen again. (read about Pop Sockets patent troubles) Pop Sockets are a great idea but there are many many ideas for […]

Pop Phone Grip Prices


Pop Prices: Free Shipping, Free 4 Color, No Set Up! News on promotional products 2020 click here!

Cheap Phone Sockets

cheap pop phone socket grips

If you are looking for a bargain this week, here is the best deal you are likely to come across. Get your logo on the POP phone grip. The sale is based upon an order of 1000 units or more. The NET price shown below includes FREE Shipping and FREE 4 Color Logo.

Groovy Grips

get groovy grip phone grips for less

Get Groovy Phone Grips For Less Bread Man! Is the MAN getting you down? Is your mellow being harshened? Wanna get your groove on without laying out too much bread? Groovy grips are so freakin’ awesome you’ll get your groove on your phone like no one else. The latest in phone stand technology just got […]