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China PPE exit refused

china stops export of ppe amid corona virus pandemic

China PPE exit refused. At the request of the US Customs, unlicensed Chinese made PPE goods are being refused exit from China. This will affect goods already ordered. The goods being stopped from exiting China are knockoffs of the KN95 and other PPE. promo Motive. “We do weird well!” The world’s coolest, unique promotional products and b2b marketing swag. Get your promotional giveaways direct from the factory and save. Free shipping, free logo, fast delivery all at one low price. Call 1-888-908-1481


factory direct from china promotional products

How to save money on your promotional products. It is also no secret that buying your promotional products direct from these factories will save you 30, 40 even up to 57% of of your promotional products purchased from a traditional USA warehouse supplier.

Corona Virus

bat soup is it the source of corona virus

The Corona Virus. How it affects the Promotional Product Business. As I know everyone in the promotional product business is very busy at this time so I will make this in point form so its short and sweet.