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Canadians Distributors Get Promo Motive

Canadian pop phone grips suggest retail coded C

Canadians Distributors Get Promo Motive We are based in Canada and we only sell to Distributors. What more is there to know? It’s an odd fact that Promo Motive and the custom site Promo Crunch is based in Canada but 99% of our clients are American (include Halo, Kaeser Blair, Geiger etc). We are now […]

New Ideas are the Lifeblood of the Promo Industry

new promotional product ideas

NEW Promo Ideas! Don’t Run Away! New ideas are the lifeblood of the promotional products industry. End-users from all over the country are looking for new ideas from their distributors and Promo Motive is the SUPPLIER of these new ideas to Distributors. In every business it easy to get in a rut. However, if you are […]

Why ASI is bad for your business

We believe that only using ASI or PPAI search for your business is a bad idea. Here’s why! We have been a supplier for 20 years and there are some secrets about ASI that most distributors don’t know. It is important to know so you can make more sales and make more money. Here are […]