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nuckee pop phone stand promotional product

Courtney Marshall. Promo Motive Trend Analyst and Customer Connector. Hello there. My name is Courtney Marshall and I am the Trend Analyst for Promo Motive. Sounds like a fancy title and invariably what people ask after I tell them they ask “what is a trend analysts do?” What does a trend analyst for Promo Motive […]

New Promotional Product Ideas for Spring 2019

folding water bottle promotional product

New Promotional Product Ideas for Spring 2019! We are always on the lookout for new products that can have your clients logo printed on them. We pride ourselves on spotting new trends and ideas that everyone loves and your client desires. Folding BBQ Tool. Coming Soon! 2. Folding Coffee Cup. Go to Product Page by […]

The Folding Collapsible Reusable Drinking Straw to be Biggest Promo for late 2018!

folding straw popular promo

The folding collapsible reusable drinking straw could easily be Promo’s biggest idea for late 2018 and into 2019! I know this sounds a little over the top, but we know how to spot trends using our experiences plus some good old science! One of the ways we know: Experience! 2 years ago, we were onto Fidget […]

The Death of the Fidget Spinner.

the fidget spinner is dead

This just in. The Fidget Spinner Fad is Officially Dead! I am completely within the rights to make this announement. The Fidget Spinner is Dead. After selling over 1 million of them in the Winter, Spring and early Summer of 2017 I can now tell you that the Fidget Spinner Phenomenom is over, kaput, finito, […]

Don’t get stuck in the repeat offender category as a promotional products seller.

eye catching promo end user

Getting stuck in the repeat offender category as a promotional products seller is a recipe for sales didaster. Don’t be a repeat offender! As a supplier of factory direct promotional products I am thrilled when I get a repeat order. It’s simple, easy and generally profitable. But it is also a dangerous slippery slope. Too […]

The First Time I had Sex I was Afraid….

sex promotional products tradeshow and marketing ideas

The First Time I had Sex I was Afraid….The Reason Was Because I was Alone…..and in the Dark! It’s an old joke but one that never fails to catch peoples attention. In the business of promotional product marketing isn’t it all about catching someones attention? So…why did you open this email? The answers are simple….. […]

Meet the next big trend. Promotional Popsockets, Propring and Pop Phone Grips.

Popsockets, PropRing and POP Phone Grips. If you are a marketer and do not know what these are you should!

Why? Your client is asking for them!

It seems that every year there is a new fad or idea that seems to catch the public’s collective imagination. Last winter and into the summer it was the Fidget Spinner and to a lesser degree, the Fidget Cube.

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Promotional Product & Swag Trends. Oct 31- 2017

What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Which Promotional Products are trending up and which Promo Swag is trending down. The week of Oct 31st 2017.