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The Folding Collapsible Reusable Drinking Straw to be Biggest Promo for late 2018!

The folding collapsible reusable drinking straw could easily be Promo’s biggest idea for late 2018 and into 2019!

I know this sounds a little over the top, but we know how to spot trends using our experiences plus some good old science!

One of the ways we know: Experience!

2 years ago, we were onto Fidget Spinners. This was 4 months before anyone else. We spotted the trend in kids early, we did our research into what it was and why it was so hot!

We then analysed the trend to see if the fidget spinner would work as logo’d swag. Lastly, we had our factory in China product source these with a guaranteed delivery and rock solid pricing. We were lined up, ready to rock before we took a single order. We delivered nearly 500,000 of them in 4 months. Click here to read the Campaign Live article.

“We are very good at spotting trends and analyzing the data to reaffirm our suspicions about an emerging trend. We also have a bullet-proof manufacturing and delivery method in place for logo’d goods. We are a promo supplier that likes to deliver weird well.”

In the last week 3 major indicators are off the hook!

1st major indicator: Web stats for the folding reusable drinking straw, the Last Straw.

I am a bit of a stats geek, so everyday I do a thorough check on our sites and social media pages as well as run an algorithm on social media trends. What caught my attention was that during the past 2 weeks, the overall stats for folding drinking straws have shown a nearly 300% increase in our traffic!

See the stats chart below taken from our site comparing a normal week to a folding straw week.

folding straw popular promo

2nd major indicator: Sample inquiries

Usually, we get about 20 various sample requests each day from Distributors for our products. However, during the past week, sample requests for the folding reusable straw LAST STRAW averaged 45 per day!

3rd major indicator: Phone calls

It is no secret that phone calls have dwindled in numbers in the past few years. Distributors, especially younger ones, are choosing to text or to e-mail. On a normal day we field about 35 phone calls, last week we averaged 82 per day. 

If you are a Distributor and would like samples? Please read this:

“Our sample inquiries are more than double and our web visits nearly tripled with the folding drinking straw!”


folding straw coded distributor prices

“The Last Straw is perfect for a logo, makes any brand stand proud and comes with FREE Shipping, No Set Ups, FREE 4 Color Logo and FREE Virtuals.”

We do stuff Distributors love: FREE Shipping, FREE 4 Color Logo, No Set Ups, and FREE Virtuals. Want to know more? Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email


Want to Know How to Sell the Folding Reusable Drinking Straw.

“The selling points on the folding straw is not all about the function of it, it’s about the emotional appeal of it!”

First Point:

This all started with a Turtle video. The storyline is simple: ecologists and scientists working in Costa Rica come across a Turtle in distress. They pull it aboard and find a plastic straw stuck in its nose. WARNING: Video has disturbing images. 

Second Point:

After over 30 million views of the video and a greater understanding of how billions of plastic straws were ending up in the oceans and staying undegradable for up to 500 years, cities and countries around the world banned the sale and use of disposable plastic straws.

Read about cities and companies banning straws including McDonalds, Starbucks and more!

To read the articles simply click on the links below.

Starbucks bans over 1 Billion straws a year worldwide

Seattle bans straw…read more....
Vancouver bans Straws…
McDonalds Bans Plastic Straws…read more…
Huge 1000 location Bon Appetite bans straws…read more…
Alaska Airlines Bans Straws…. read more…



Third Point:

It’s not about why would anyone pay $7-9 for a straw, but more importantly it’s about what it says about a brand to have their logo on a folding reusable drinking straw.

Your client’s logo on a LAST STRAW says to the world that the client cares about the environment, is on top of the latest trends and lastly, but not least, they want to be seen as helping solve a recognized world problem and being a part of the solution!



Some Distributors say that “No One Will Buy it or Use It!”

These distributors may be sort of right but at the same time COMPLETELY WRONG! It may be true that many people may not use it, but I suspect millions of people will BUY it!

If you think that selling a $7-$9 drinking straw is a tough sell think again! In fact, there are other folding straw designs on the market that sell for $30 or more! …Check out this Kickstarter program that sold over 80,000 units of another folding straw at $20-30 a piece!

“The Last Straw folding reusable drinking straw will be a massive marketing statement for your clients. It will say to the world that they are an eco-friendly, trend-setting company. What brand wouldn’t want to be seen like this?”

last straw folding collapsible straw for sale now. Wholesale bulk promotional orders


the fidget spinner is dead

The Death of the Fidget Spinner.

This just in. The Fidget Spinner Fad is Officially Dead!

I am completely within the rights to make this announement. The Fidget Spinner is Dead. After selling over 1 million of them in the Winter, Spring and early Summer of 2017 I can now tell you that the Fidget Spinner Phenomenom is over, kaput, finito, dead as a doornail, long, long gone!

dead fidget spinner is now officially dead

dead fidget spinner is now officially dead

Let’s look back for a moment. At this exact time in the early spring of 2017 I could not turn my phone on at anytime without it ringing and a request for a Fidget Spinner.It was insane.

As fun and as profitable as it was to be in on a the ground floor of a fad it was a toll taker on the head and business. We put in 14 hour days and could barely just keep ahead of the order entries. We were fortunate in the fact that we spotted the trend late in 2016 and made sure our off-shore factories we all aligned to meet the demand and we did meet the demand.

“I am sure glad we carry no inventory as those suppliers who still have fidget spinners in stock are sitting on a heap of rusting bearings and plastic that no one wants!”


the fidget spinner is dead

the fidget spinner is dead


The Fidget Spinner was one of those rare bits of social science that captures people attention like few other things. Cabbage patch dolls, Pet Rocks, Hula Hoops and Fidget Spinners will all be in the fad hall of fame.

Fidget Spinners were great for marketers. It was a huge sensation that worked perfectly at tradeshows and b2b marketing. However for those who thought it would have a long shelf life and brought in hundreds of thousands to sit on their shelf awaiting small orders with logos they are holding a ticking time-bomb.

Bearings should be stored in grease and when used are always encased in a grease or oil based lubricant. This is NOT how suppliers who have these in stock are storing them. As this is the case even if you order fidget spinners you are likely to get one that is rusty.

Furthermore a lot of the truly “fadish spinners” such as glow in the dark and LED are no longer having housings made, there is just no demand.

“The only fidget spinner still worth buying are high qaulity metal spinners that are custom made for you and shipped by air and greased to go!”

So, a year after the world went ape-shit-crazy for the Fidget Spinner I am now deleting all but a few of the best quality ones from Promo Motive as I know these are valuable and quality oriented.

The world has moved on and the new fad is quite possibly the POP Socket!

Pop socket phone stands for trade shows

Pop socket phone stands for trade shows

coded pop phone stand prices without c

coded pop phone stand prices without c


eye catching promo end user

Don’t get stuck in the repeat offender category as a promotional products seller.

Getting stuck in the repeat offender category as a promotional products seller is a recipe for sales didaster. Don’t be a repeat offender!

As a supplier of factory direct promotional products I am thrilled when I get a repeat order. It’s simple, easy and generally profitable. But it is also a dangerous slippery slope.

Too often the distributors I sell to in the ASI business rely so heavily on “repeats” that they miss the following facts.

  1. Their clients are looking for new ideas……they may in fact be looking to buy them from someone else as you are not offering them!
  2. If you do not offer the client new ideas and only take the “repeats” you may be incorrectly seen as being “boring and out of touch”.

So…in an effort to keep you in the trend loop, here are the top 5 new promo swag ideas as identified by marketers from around the world. Much of this research comes from the last 3 major industry trade shows.

Get your business logo on a square pop or phone pop socket for promo, tradeshow and b2b marketing swag. Get Your Logo on it.

Get your business logo on a square pop or phone popsocket for promo, tradeshow and b2b marketing swag. Get Your Logo on it.

pop socket style phone stand for trade show, promotional products ad specialty and b2b marketing

pop socket style phone stand for trade show, promotional products ad specialty and b2b marketing

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

fidget cube for tradeshow swag and promotional product marketing

fidget cube for tradeshow swag and promotional product marketing

Fidget Stick Promotional Product aka Mokuru Kururin for tradeshows, conferences and promotional product giveaway.

Fidget Stick Promotional Product aka Mokuru Kururin for tradeshows, conferences and promotional product giveaway.

sex promotional products tradeshow and marketing ideas

The First Time I had Sex I was Afraid….

The First Time I had Sex I was Afraid….The Reason Was Because I was Alone…..and in the Dark!

It’s an old joke but one that never fails to catch peoples attention. In the business of promotional product marketing isn’t it all about catching someones attention?

So…why did you open this email?

The answers are simple…..

  1. It created curiosity? You wanted to know what the rest of the statement said.
  2. It was “outside of the box”. It did not say something like “new and improved” or “cheaper than the other guys”. You would not have opened the email if it had said this.

Promotional Marketing

In the world of Promotional Products there are 2 kinds of ideas…..

  1. The kind of promo that everyone does.
  2. The kind of promo that everyone should do but doesn’t do.

The kind of promo that everyone does!

If you’re a professional marketer and you are still promoting the idea of getting a logo on a Pen, T-shirt or Mug you belong to the first group , the kind of promo that everyone does.

If you belong to this group that is ok but, don’t expect higher than usual results, recipients of the promo to go “AWESOME!”  or the boss to say….”You are brilliant!

Nope…if you belong to the group the kind of promo that everyone does you will not be remembered.


On the other hand…If you are a professional marketer and look for ideas that set you apart then you likely belong to the group of idea gurus who markets with the kind of promo that everyone should do but doesn’t do.

This group tends to look for new ideas, retail trends that are now working their way into promo and promotional products that make people take a second look…...just like you did when you opened this email!

2018 Top New Trending Ideas for Promo!

Below are what we believe are ideas that will set you apart in 2018. For further info call us at 888-908-1481 or email us. 

Custom Socks

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag

custom socks logo socks promotional product swag


POP Phone Stands

pop phone stand and phone grip for tradeshow marketing, b2b and promotional product

pop phone stand and phone grip for tradeshow marketing, b2b and promotional product

EDC Tools




Meet the next big trend. Promotional Popsockets, Propring and Pop Phone Grips.

Popsockets, PropRing and POP Phone Grips. If you are a marketer and do not know what these are you should!

Why? Your client is asking for them!

It seems that every year there is a new fad or idea that seems to catch the public’s collective imagination. Last winter and into the summer it was the Fidget Spinner and to a lesser degree, the Fidget Cube.

In mid 2017 if you were looking for swag for your tradeshow or for your clients business campaign and wanted to get the best possible reaction you chose to put your logo on a fidget spinner.

square popsocket type tradeshow and conference promotional products

View Square Pops Here.

Now in 2018 the hot new trend is Phone Grips. Originally started by Popsocket (of Boulder Co) these collapsible phone grips are now available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Want to know more on the original popsocket a good place to start is to read this article on the Popsockets from the U.K.

Are you a trade show supplier or marketing professional?

If you are and have not yet figured out what these are and how to incorporate them into your sales pitch or marketing plan a good place to start is to read this article on phone grips for tradeshows.

pop and popsocket style grip and promotional swag

There are new styles of collapsible tradeshow ready POP phone grips available and with a delivery time of 7 days from start to in hands these are fast becoming a  “hot item’ in the promotional product market place (ie trade shows, b2b marketing, conference gifts etc).

See POP Prices and Selection.

1. Use it as a media stand: Pop phone grips make amazing stands. You can ‘pop’ them for easy use as media stand to watch Youtube, take photos on the phones timer or even use your phone to act as an alarm clock by your bedside.

2. The BEST selfies: The new generation of smartphone cameras no longer need the 3 feet reach of yesterdays dorky selfie sticks. Drop the stick and pick up the Pop’s for the best social media tool.

3. Easy grip while running: Pop’s make holding your phone easier while you are doing various activities like running.

4. Video calls: Simply mount your phone on your laptop while on a video call, allowing you to go hands-free so that you can multi-task.

5. Use it as a media grip: Pop’s make great grips, making activities like taking one-handed selfie, talking on the phone and texting much easier.

6. Earbud cord management: You can wrap your earbuds around your Pop’s to keep them in one place and tangle-free.

7. Grips for Tablets: Pop’s make it easy to hold larger devices such as tablets and e-readers in a secure manner.

9. Gaming: You can turn your phone/ tablet into a joystick by aThre ttaching two Pop’s to the back of it.

The Trend is always your Friend!

The adage goes like this…”The trend is your friend” and if this is true then this trend which is sparking alight the world of socail media and celebrity gushing will soon and dramatically enter into the the Top 10 status as a “must have” promotional product or swag for 2018.

If you would like to learn more or get info and prices call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us here.

popsocket pop retail price list for tradeshow giveaway

POP phone stands for tradeshow giveaway

squa re popsocket style phone grips for tradeshow

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Promotional Product & Swag Trends. Oct 31- 2017

What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Which Promotional Products are trending up and which Promo Swag is trending down. The week of Oct 31st 2017.

promotional product trends. Whats hot or not in marketing Oct 30 2017

Well it’s been a tumultuous week in the trendspotting department. Our multi-pronged approach to finding out what’s hot and what’s not ,includes several paid informants (Trendspotters) who comb through social media and communicate with key fellow trendspotters and the use of our algorithm to monitor 28 key web sites all combined to produced this weeks results of:

What’s Hot and What’s Not!


Phone Grips, Pop Sockets, PropRing and a multitude of other smartphone grips are rocketing up. Why… more.

promotional swag that is trending up for this week is popsockets


Pens. The venerable writing instrument that’s been around for hundreds of years is still alive but barely kicking. Pen sales are at their lowest in all of the years they have been tracking them.  Read the PEN industry insider guide. 

promotional product and swag trends for Oct 30 2017


About the Author:

John Graham has been on both the supply side and resale side of the promotional products business since 1993. He brings extensive experience in both the hard goods and soft goods industry’s to the table. LinkedIn

Promo Swag TrendSpotting. What is it and Why do we do it?

The latest trend in the Promotional Product field is one in which very few Swag suppliers work. That trend is called PROMO SWAG TRENDSPOTTING!

What is Promo TrendSpotting and how does it work?

TrendSpotting is something that has been used by leading-edge fashion retailers and product designers for years. Promo Motive is the first and foremost swag supplier to use this insightful methodology of market research for the promotional products industry.

promotional product and tradeshow swag trends

What is TrendSpotting?

Simply put, Swag TrendSpotting is the collection of data gleaned from various Web sources such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and over other 30 web sites combined with a keyword analysis of nearly 50 international promotional product blogs where our proprietary search criteria is designed to find and spot product trends that can be logo’d. (whew!)

The Old Way of Promo Suppliers is Dead!

Traditional Swag Suppliers work in what I refer to as a stale-dated business model. Basically they review their past years sales, re-order the same products for the next year and inventory them in their USA warehouse imprinting them on an as need basis (I know this because I have worked in the past for Big Suppliers like this).

The upside for this business model is that if you want the same thing for this year’s tradeshow as last years tradeshow, the supplier will have it and can deliver it in 24 hours.

The many downsides for this business model include the marketing sins of being boring by using the same swag, year after year!

what is a trend for tradeshows

The New Way of Promo TrendSpotting for Swag!

TrendSpotting is at the heart of how we work. Our research, algorithm and analysis works to discover new products that are trending online. We then source these products using our long-time Chinese Trading partner to insure that the goods can be logo’d and delivered quickly plus insure they meet our rigorous quality standards. 

We Deliver in 2 weeks or less!

In these days of “instant everything” 2 weeks may seem like an eternity but these 2 weeks will save you money and provide you with swag ideas that not everyone else has! 

Simply put. As a Supplier, If you have to carry and invest in USA based promotional products inventory, you will always play it safe (ie boring). Big Inventory means Big Risk!

“Our Motto… Promo Motive, Not Available Everywhere!”

What to do next?

If you would like to know more about what’s trending, what is not trending and how to better capitalize on our free market insights simply call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us.

We Make It Simple!

promotional product swag exclsuive to promo motive tradeshows


Top 3 Promo Swag Ideas.

The Top 3 Promo Swag Ideas. What are they and why are they popular!

Spotting trends is our business. We are NOT your old style supplier of promotional swag, we are trendspotters who look for products that are spiking on YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest. We then source these products direct from the factory and delivering them from there to your doorstep! We know what we are doing.

Trends to consider as of Sept 13, 2017!

#1: Premium Fidget Spinners: While the sale of basic inexpensive fidget spinners is flatlining the sale and interest in premium quality fidget spinners is on the rise. Metal fidget spinners, Titanium spinners and Fidget Cubes are racing up our trend charts. 

Top 3 Promo Swag Ideas


#2: EDC Tools: You see it everywhere, EDC! What does EDC mean?  EDC is an acronym for Every Day Carry and is in itself a trending word/concept. The idea behind EDC for promo swag is almost certainly a modern day take on things that were once popular such as Swiss Army Knives and Leatherman tools. 

edc multi tools for tradeshow


 #3 Fidget Cubes: Fidget Cubes actually kicked off the trend on all things Fidgety. However, the fidget spinner trend initially ran over the cube last spring. Now as the inexpensive spinner trend is leveling off the Fidget Cube is showing distinct signs of increased sales and interest. What is a Fidget Cube and How does it work? Watch this Video on YouTube!

fidget cube promo swag


To find out more on these and other tradeshow trends contact us at 888-908-1481 or email