Factory Direct Promotional Products in 2022.

Big Box Suppliers May Be Doomed! Here is why YOU need to go factory direct for your promotional products!

In the summer of 2021 getting your promotional products direct from the factory is the best way to get back on top of the marketing game. As you may have figure out, the supply and delivery of promotional products from the big box suppliers like Leeds and I-Hit are in deep deep trouble. Why is this?

The Big Box Suppliers are doomed for the next year at least! Likely more!

Wrong Inventory.

The problem we are now seeing is that the Big Box suppliers have the wrong inventory. Simply put they fell victim to a number of problems.

 They invested heavily into PPE. Which is now dead! There are literally millions upon millions of masks and hand sanitizers sitting in their warehouses with no one wanting them.

They did NOT invest in new promo ideas. It takes about 4-6 months for an order to be processed and delivered to the BIG BOX warehouse. BIG BOX suppliers are described as suppliers like LEEDS or HIT or other big box suppliers. Covid started March 2020. Which means the last non-PPE product order for these Big Box suppliers was made at least a year ago.

The Non-PPE popular products are sold out. We predicted this 6 months ago. As the Big Box suppliers stocked up on PPE, they did not replenish the regular swag ideas that everyone now wants. They have the wrong inventory for today’s market needs!

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“The Big Box Suppliers are screwed up beyond repair for at least the next 12 months!”

How do the Big Box suppliers solve this problem? The short answer, “not easily and not very soon!”

What can the promo distributor do?

The Distributor has 2 choices.

The distributor can wait until the Big Box supplier figures their problems out. This will take at least a year.

The distributor can deal with a supplier like us who has always been factory direct.

Your Choice!

We Source Anything!

We have over 100 factories that we have a working ongoing relationship with. Over 100! These factories produce over 10,000 products.

In these factories we can and will find you and your client anything you could possibly want with a logo on it!

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Here’s more great info!

Very Important Information for Promo Distributors in the Fall of 2021!

-The Big Box Suppliers “are out of stock” on the best sellers and their Customer Service is short staffed.

-They have “No Clue” as to when they will truly be back to normal, PLUS the back orders will decimate the order process. Your order will be screwed up!

-The Smart Promo Buyers are calling us to solve their problems by “Going Direct to the Factory”. Are you a smart buyer?

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“Access over 150 actual promotional product factories that produce over 10,000 ideas!”