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When Does Chinese New Years End?

when is chinese new years over

When Does Chinese New Years End? Why is it taking so long? The short answer is the actual holiday is FEB 7th and everyone will be back at work on the 14th of February. Then the factories will gear up and start producing again. However, don’t wait to put in your orders as the system […]

Free Nuckees.

Nuckee phone holder for promotional product logo

Get your FREE Nuckee phone stand for a sales sample. Nuckees, are they better than a Pop Socket? Without a doubt the hottest promotional product on the planet has been the Pop Socket. However there’s a new kid in town, Nuckees! Nuckees are better than Pop Sockets! Firstly they look the same and do the […]

Is this even a thing?

splash guard . Noodle splash guard one of the worlds weirdest promotional products.

Is this even a thing? Very odd promo products from China. We have been in the supply side of the promotional products industry since Clinton was President. During that time we have travelled to China multiple times to visit factories and attend product trade shows. In our travels we come across a whole host of […]

I Am Here

tonight la manzanilla

Every year I take a 3+ week vacation during the Chinese New Years. Sun, Sand and Product Research. Yeah right! You may be thinking as you read this..”BS…product research on the beach in Mexico!” If you do think this way (ie BS) you are wrong (in a nice way). “Yea Right…you call BS…product research on […]

Promo Swag 2109 Survey

Promo Swag 2109 Survey Our Top 3 Promo’s for 2019 as voted on by you! Yes I know you hate the word SWAG (Stuff We All Get), however the end user is calling it swag so maybe we should too? Wouldn’t want to seem “out of touch” now would we? Each month we take a […]

World’s Best Custom Flash Drives

We Make The World's Best Custom Flash Drives.

We Make The World’s Best Custom Flash Drives. Big statement but totally true. We do make the world’s best custom flash drives. Promo Crunch is the king of custom flash drives. We can turn just about any product, shape, logo, icon or shape into a custom shaped USB flash drive. As I am currently updating the […]

Get a FREE Video on the Folding Coffee Cup. Sip Flip


Distributors! Would your like a FREE Marketing Video for the SIP FLIP Folding Coffee Cup? Of course you would! You’re Smart aren’t you? Promo Motive….Yes! We are insane… we will make you a totally free Video…host it on Youtube PLUS send you a emailable video all with your logo on it….just like the one below…..all […]

The World’s Best Folding Coffee Cup.


Sip Flip, The World’s Best Folding Coffee Cup Sip Flip folding coffee cup gets ready to take on the promotional products world with the world’s best folding coffee cup. On Point Promotional Products for 2019. The Sip Flip is ready to rock the promotional product world. Are you ready to sell it? Made from 100% BPA […]