The World’s Best Custom Promotional Products

worlds best custom bespoke promotional products

As a supplier when it comes to pricing our products we like are very different from other suppliers.

We are the home to the world’s best custom bespoke promotional products.

Here’s why!

Over the last 20 years the founder of Promo Motive started traveling throughout SE Asia and domestically sourcing out the best promotional product factory’s.

Over these 20 years John along with his trained staff has accumulated contacts and contracts in over 100 factory’s that produce over 10,000 products.

To fully describe all of these factory’s would be impossible in this format but in short these factory’s make Hats, Silicone products, Tech Products, Trade show giveaways and a stunning collection of eco-friendly products.

Here’ how it works!

We make it super simple. The first thing is to talk. Send us an email to [email protected] and in that email send us picture of what you are looking for or a picture of something similar.

Then tell us in a few words, how many you want, when you need it by and any other details you can share. That’s it.

Give us 24-48 hours and we will speak with an appropriate factory(s) for your product and get an idea from them of the price, delivery times and any other possible issues.

We then call and email you back with the price and delivery. Simple.

We even do more!

If you have a product you want to duplicate, replicate etc, send us a sample of the product and we will send that sample to the factory to duplicate. The end result is a perfect replica in every way, except price.

You will find that the workmanship, quality of components and the price is as good or even better than what you are currently ordering.

Contact us for further details.


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