Marketing Ideas for the Auto Industry.

as part of the automotive industry, you and your business keep the wheels of industry moving!

Regardless of your businesses position in the automotive industry there is a common denominator all of us have. We all have competition.

“The competition wolf is always at the door!”

As the supply chain shifts and the buyers allegiances shift on a dime it is important to remember that to create brand awareness and product loyalty you must always be “front and center” in your clients mind.

We are experts at providing the auto industry with promotional ideas!

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Custom Shaped Flash Drives.

We are the world’s best designer and manufacturer of custom shaped 3D flash drives. In fact, we are so great at this, we have a web site just for them. Visit Promo Crunch. Min order 250 units. 4GB $5.98 each. Other memory sizes are available.

We can create and manufacture any auto part into a custom shaped flash drive!

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We are factory direct. Over 100 promotional product factory’s will to sell to you directly. Save up to 40% and let us do all of the hard work.


Anything Automotive

From the most basic idea like custom plate frames to a totally customized promotional campaign we can provide over 100 promotional product factory’s at your disposal.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Over 100 factory’s at your fingertips

We are  very different than other suppliers. Very Different.

Here’s how and why!

  1. We represent over 100 factory’s that produce more than 10,000 promo and other types of products.
  2. The factory’s pay us to do this. We work directly in order to connect them to you. We then do all of the work. Order, imprinting, delivery, shipping, duties, taxes , everything for 1 low all-inclusive price.
  3. We provide our customers (you) with a free product sourcing service. Looking for something you can’t find? We will find it!
  4. We provide expert, live in the USA customer experience.

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Pop Phone Grips

The perfect tradeshow or packaging ridealong giveaway!

The average American uses their phone 97 times a day. Wow, what a great place to put your logo. Minimum order is 250 units. Price for 250-499 units is $1.88 each. 500-999 is $1.48 each. Includes shipping and 4 color logo. See Product.


Folding Reusable Drinking Straw

Save the planet and get your logo in front of more people. The folding reusable drinking straw is one of the most identifiable products in the eco-friendly world. 5 great colors. See Product.

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