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Looking for Something? We Got It!

Factory Direct Product Sourcing Solves Your Problem. Read All About It!

With direct access to over 150 factories in 10 countries including the USA and Canada. There is nothing we cannot find, source and deliver!

If you or your client is looking for something unique from an E-Bike to a Spatula with their logo on it we have it.

We are part of the Promotional Product Direct Network and can source anything.

The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to send us an email with a picture to [email protected]

Get it Hot and Fresh, with your logo on it!

In 2021 and going forward it will be incredibly important for users and sellers of promotional products to go factory direct. Why?

In the post-covid world a lot of businesses will need to reclaim their position in the marketplace. They will be looking to promotional products as their most effective and affordable way to get their brand identity restarted.

What happened while we were shutdown?

During the year or more of Covid-19 and its effects on the American business world many businesses closed but many more simply ramped down.

It was very common for businesses to reduce or even stop their marketing. This is a very human reaction to an event like we are experiencing.

The problem that creates is obvious. Clients may have forgotten who you are or what you do.

Time to rethink your marketing ideas.

If you think your clients business brand is going to make an impact or even an impression on their post-covid customer base with a pen or a crappy coffee mug you are simply put, wrong!

As a promotional products reseller you will be enticed by many suppliers to buy what’s in their warehouse and ready to imprint and sell. Don’t be fooled.

No one wants the same old same old.

Think about this. During Covid many of the suppliers in this business who have warehouses full of pre-Covid inventory will be working hard to clear out that stock.

They will need to get cash flowing and to reduce their overhead. This means there will be big sales. As tempting as that may be to sell these goods its a fools game to do so.

What your clients want?

They want something unique, different and eye-catching. They also don’t want to spend too much money. We can help.

Unique and Different. With so many businesses now trying to recapture their old clients and enticing them to return and also looking to capture a slice of the market share lost while their competition snoozed or quit. The last thing they will want their brand on is the same thing as the rest of the competition is using.

Inexpensive. When you get us to source your promo swag direct from the factory you eliminate a lot of useless product costs. Warehousing, write downs, executive salaries and bloated costings.

Do you want to know more?

I think you do. To find out more how we can help. Call 1-888-908-1481 or email Emily