If you are dealing with the marketing department at your clients place of business chances are you are dealing with the same person who buys their custom tradeshow booth.

I know you are not likely to have sold many trade show booths before but “there is gold in them thar sales!”.

In our many travels to Asia we have created an amazing relationship with the top custom trade show booth manufacturer on the planet. Their service, selection and price is stellar!

If you are “uncomfortable” selling these, don’t! Let us do it and you make an end!

We are more than happy to sell them to you and you resell for whatever margin you can get. But if you want to avoid the grief and make some decent dough for simply doing an introduction. Let us sell them and pay you a percentage commission. Call 1-888-908-1481 for details and ask for John or email John

Just a few ideas and examples of what can be designed, done and delivered for less, a lot less than you currently pay.