Why prices are not shown

Not only do we usually NOT show the prices on the product pages, we almost never do!


Because it is in YOUR best interest that we don’t. Here’s why?

  1. We are always driving prices down at the factory level. We work directly with dozens of factories in over 10 countries. When we do this, here is what happens! A) Generally we always “shop your product request” to at least 2 or 3 factories. We play the factories against each other and drive the cost down on what you/we will pay for it! Passing along the savings. B) Manufacturers are hungry for business right now, there are always better deals to be negotiated! Everyone wants a better deal don’t they?
  2. The end-user has figured out the Coded price matrix. How? It ‘s on the internet! See here. Why would we post online what you will pay or sell something for? Only YOU should know that! Only YOU should set the sell price.

Doesn’t this make more sense than everyone, including your customers, seeing the prices?

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we negotiate the cost of promotional products
we negotiate the cost of promotional products