Why prices are not shown?

Not only do we usually NOT show the prices on the product pages, we almost never do!

Why? Because it is in YOUR best interest that we don’t. Here’s why?

  1. We are always driving prices down at the factory level. We work directly with over 150 factories in over 10 countries.
  2. When we do this, here is what happens! A) Generally we always “shop your product request” to at least 2 or 3 factories. We play the factories against each other and drive the cost down on what you/we will pay for it! Passing along the savings. B) Manufacturers are hungry for business right now, there are always better deals to be negotiated! Everyone wants a better deal don’t they?
  3. The end-user has figured out the Coded price matrix. How? It ‘s on the internet! See here. Why would we post online what you will pay or sell something for? Only YOU should know that! Only YOU should set the sell price.

Doesn’t this make more sense than everyone, including your customers, seeing the prices?

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Who is Promo Motive?

Let’s make this short and to the point. You’re busy and so are we!

  1. We are a FACTORY DIRECT promotional products supplier. We can, and do, source you just about anything you want with your clients logo on it! We have over 150 factories at our fingertips!
  2. We specialize in the “unique and usual, the eye-catching and the awesome”.  If you’re looking for the trend savvy minimalist walletsawesome pop phone socket grips or folding coffee cupsWe are your supplier. If you have a product you want replicated or sourced. We are your supplier. “We are not your go to supplier for cheap leaky pens and easily tossed away coffee cups”. We believe in the power of cool ideas!
  3. We need about 2 weeks for every order. If you want to save up to 67% on your order we need a little extra time. 

Who is Promo Motive and why ” We Do Weird Well!”

Our motto is “We Do Weird Well” Here’s why!

We have been in this business for a long time and we have learned from experience that the most effective promotional products are always the most unique ones.

The promotional products business is about marketing your clients brand and cutting through the noise and clutter. We know that swag can only be effective if people use it and most importantly take notice of the logo. 

What do your clients really want?

They want their brand, logo and swag to be noticed.

Don’t ever forget about that. The business of promotional merchandise is about about making your clients business marketing sizzle and stand out and apart.

Sell the Sizzle not the Steak!

In this post-covid marketplace your clients are all about getting their clients to take notice of them, once again. In this day and age your client needs to reassert their place in their market. Putting their logo on a crappy coffee cup will not cut it.

If this sounds about right, why are you not calling us? Now!

Take 5 minutes on the phone and we will make you and your clients dreams come true. Or at the very least, their marketing ideas. Call -1-888-908-1481  Emily.

The advantages of going Factory-Direct!

Very important things you need to know about why factory-direct is the way to go!

Let’s also make this short and to the point!

  1. Promo Motive has a working relationship with over 150 international factories. Each of them produce just about every category of promotional products. As a small example we have 5 hat factories, 3 drinkware factories, 7 phone accessories factories. There is literally nothing we cannot find and put a logo on. 
  2. We are never out of stockNever.  As you already know, your “go-to-supplier is likely out of stock on your go-to product”. That sucks. We will always get you what you need. We are NEVER OUT OF STOCK.
  3. Price is always awesome. With as many factories as we have working for us, we can work one factory against the other to always get you the best an all-inclusive price.

Isn’t factory-direct a pain in the ass?


We take care of all aspects of the product from sourcing, duties, tariffs, shipping and delivery direct from the factory floor to your door. 

Aren’t minimum order quantities too high?


Once again, we make sure that every request you have is put to the factories. By having so many factories compete for your your business we drive down the MOQ.

Doesn’t factory direct take too long?

Mmmmm…Not really!

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We have all become a little to used to “instant everything!” In the marketing game this is not a good idea. Here’s why.

  1. By going factory direct it takes about 2 weeks. Can’t you wait that long?
  2. By waiting 2 weeks you can access over 20,000 unique and new promotional product ideas. Isn’t this worth the wait?
  3. If you leave it to the last minute, you’re more likely to get boring product ideas. Is this what your client wants?

All of this sounds great, why are you not calling us? Now!

Take 5 minutes on the phone and we will make you and your clients dreams come true. Or at the very least, their marketing ideas. Call -1-888-908-1481  Emily.


we negotiate the cost of promotional products
we negotiate the cost of promotional products