In 2021 Factory-direct is the best way to order your clients promotional products.

Welcome the new world of factory direct promotional products. A world with faster delivery, lower moq’s and exceptional prices.

If you are a professional reseller of promotional products you owe it to yourself to consider working with us on your factory-direct order of promotional products.

Advantage #1. Speed.

Gone are the days of waiting months and months for a slow boat to arrive from Asia. 95% of our orders come in via air freight and are delivered in 8 days on average from approval to your hands.

Case Study: POPSTER Phone Sockets …a recent order of 10,000 was delivered in 6 days from start to in-hands. There was no rush fee or extra costs incurred. Just great speedy service! Min order is 250 units $1.58 each including free shipping and 4 color logo. 

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Advantage #2. Lower MOQ/Better Selection.

When we first started importing, minimum orders were outrageous. Today most minimum orders are 250 units and some as low as 100 units. Also available to the distributor is a HUGE selection of products that most domestic suppliers can’t even begin to offer. Are you looking for something you can’t find anywhere else?  World’s Best Price on Rubiks Cube.


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Case Study: Client was looking for custom imprinted pencil bags. We had never even thought of such a thing. However within 24 hours we had a source and a quote. And a week later, a nice fat order.

Advantage #3. Price.

Asian factories have always been reknowned for their exceptional pricing. With the current trade wars prices are even better! China and other Asian producers are getting more and more competitive in order to keep and earn your business. Ask us for a quote Email or call.

Case Study: Folding Straw on Leeds is over $28 on a C. We offer the Last Straw folding straw at $8.13 on a C. See product

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Advantage #4. Your Normal Supplier Has Nothing New!

Just last month 4imprint released their annual results. As a publicly traded company they must do this. They lost nearly 40%. read more 

Now, I don’t care about their problems, but! But, their lack of sales and cashflow in 2020 means they will not have any extra cash to invest in new promotional products to stock. IMO anything you find from a Leeds, Hit or other big box supplier will be the same products that have been sitting on the shelf since 2019. Is that what you want to show your client? I don’t think so!

Isn’t it time you thought differently? You know your clients are! Go to our home page.

Contact Us : Sage # 51742 1-888-908-1481 Email Inquiry