Trade Source Direct. The Distributors Ally in China Direct Importing.

Take advantage of our expertise in sourcing and delivering logo’d promotional products direct                          to your door from the factory floor.

Promo Motive is a long-time promotional products supplier (Sage # XXXXX) whose motto is “We Do Weird Well!”

Our business model is simple. We have a USA based ownership and customer service but deal directly with several promotional product factories in China. We have been dealing direct with China since 1993. Simply put, we really know what it takes to seamlessly deliver a wide variety of logo’d products from the factory to your door.

How We Work for You!

As you are probably already aware, all of the promotional items listed on our site are available in small order quantities and all available with a quick delivery, often as fast as 8 days. Yes, 8 Days Direct from China!

However, you may not be aware of all of the other products we can and do source from China and deliver to your door fully logo’d.

Over the years, we have imported many different fully logo’d products including ballcaps, t shirts, water bottles, tools, Jenga kits, home and kitchen wares, health and wellness, office and desk, bags, outdoor ideas and many, many other promo products.

How You Can Save Money and Hassle when Importing!

We work in a very simple manner when it comes to sourcing and supply you with a China direct solution for your promo products, we call Trade Source Direct.

1-2-3 steps.

  1. Send us an image of what you want and a short description (ie color or any specifics to the product). email John at
  2. Tell us how many you want and when you need them by. Please note a starting overseas order is likely to have a min of 500 pieces.
  3. Give us 24-48 hours to get back to you with an all-inclusive factory floor to your door delivered price.

“We quote 1 all-inclusive price, we handle all duties, tariffs and customs no extra costs, “

Need an Idea or 2?

We have access to over 500 different products that we have sounced and can deliver direct to you or your client, complete with your logo, shipping and all costs included in 1 all-inclusive price. Have a look below.