Stop relying on coded price sheets! You will pay too much!

Everyone in the promo business knows that prices are way up. So is the “big box suppliers” coded price sheets!

Think about it. If the costs are rising wouldn’t you expect the big box suppliers (Leeds etc) to have inflated coded price lists?

Heck we can often beat 4 Imprint!

We work our supply chain totally different than the competition. We often have 3 or 4 factories that produce the same product. Each of these factories has been personally visited and vetted by our team and can produce the best quality at low low factory direct prices.

When we publish our coded prices these are reflective of the lowest factory direct price at the time of publishing. However, this does not mean this is the lowest price. Let me explain.

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We grind the factory down in price, taking advantage of their need for business!

Having been in the manufacturing game for over 30 years I can tell you that all factories have times in the calendar when they need business more than at other times. This means that when they are “slow” our sourcing team can grind them down in price, passing on the savings to you.

This is unlikely to be of much effect on the lowest quantities (ie 100-250) but at the 500 and above prices and certainly at 1000 or 2500 units we can almost always do better than the published prices. Just ask by emailing us for a quote.

Freight costs can be ground down.

Even though we don’t charge extra for freight and it is included in all of our prices. The cost of freight can be ground down.

The published prices include airfreight. This is based on the average cost option for airfreight. We can often take this price down at the time of your order. Just like factories shipping has times in the year when it is more and less expensive. FYI. Shipping around around Chinese New Years is far more costly than in September as an example.

What does QUR mean?

QUR or Quote Upon Request simply means that when you see QUR call us for a price, we will then grind the factory into the best deal we can wangle. simple.

Want to see if we can do better than published pricing? Just ask!

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