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The World’s Coolest Promotional Products.

“We Do Weird Well!”

          Promotional Products, also known as Swag, are the business world’s most effective and affordable way to promote their products, services & brand.

We are a Supplier of The Most Incredibly Cool Logo’d

Promotional Products & Swag!

Who or What is Promo Motive?

Distributors Love that We Zig while others Zag. Here’s Why!

Firstly, we import direct from the factory to you, saving money and passing along the savings.

Secondly. We only do cool. We don’t do dull and only offer amazing. No mugs, pens, hats or such here. As we like to say “We Do Weird Well!”

Lastly, we provide world-class marketing intelligence and “hop-to-it” customer support designed to find you a swag solution that will help you and your clients truly stand apart from the crowd. Read more…..

Are You Selling The Same Idea…Again?

Today’s Most Successful Promotional Products need to be Fresh and Innovative. If you are doing the same old thing and getting the same old dull result, then surprise, surprise….you need to consider doing something new!

This is where Promo Motive comes in. We specialize in innovative, trending and cutting edge products that can be logo’d. Want to know how we spot product trends that can be logo’d and will be winners in promo? Read more…

What is Trending Today?


“We Find It, We Logo It, We Deliver It Fast!”

The Promo Motive team of Trend Analysts study retail and social trends from Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and over 30 other social media and retail sites. We spot the inclining trends we find, determine if they meet the confines of promo swag and immediately bring them to you and your customers as the latest in Logo’d Swag. Remember…..The Trend is Your Friend!

This Weeks Trend Results.

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Watch These Videos of Today’s Trending Swag!

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