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The Death of the Fidget Spinner.

the fidget spinner is dead

This just in. The Fidget Spinner Fad is Officially Dead! I am completely within the rights to make this announement. The Fidget Spinner is Dead. After selling over 1 million of them in the Winter, Spring and early Summer of 2017 I can now tell you that the Fidget Spinner Phenomenom is over, kaput, finito, […]

Looking to Create a Marketing Masterpiece?

Looking to Create a Marketing Masterpiece?

Turn Your Product or Idea into a Custom Shaped Flash Drive!

For nearly a decade Promo Crunch has been seen by the experts in the promotional product marketing business as the place to go for custom shaped flash drives. 

Meet the next big trend. Promotional Popsockets, Propring and Pop Phone Grips.

Popsockets, PropRing and POP Phone Grips. If you are a marketer and do not know what these are you should!

Why? Your client is asking for them!

It seems that every year there is a new fad or idea that seems to catch the public’s collective imagination. Last winter and into the summer it was the Fidget Spinner and to a lesser degree, the Fidget Cube.

Is Your Smartphone The Next Big Thing in Promo Swag Marketing?

promotional products for business logo and trade shows

Your Smartphone? Is this the next frontier in promotional swag marketing?

If a single word answer is best, the answer is YES!

For years, decades even, just about everything from the lowly T-shirt to coffee mugs, pens and padfolios have been fair game for promotional advertising. The purpose has been and remains a simple one. To imprint your brand and logo into your clients mind for the least amount of cost per imprint.

Today’s Top 3 Swag Ideas

We are ALWAYS on point when it comes to identifying hot new trends in the Swag Promo Biz. Promo Motive is always searching, researching and analysing social media, trending retail sites and leading bloggers to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Each week or so, we release the latest 3 ideas to put your […]

MoonDrop- The Gravity Defying Trade Show Promotion

MoonDrop- The Gravity Defying Trade Show Promotion. Can you see this as the next marketing idea for your promo swag needs? Fidget Toys are all the rage this year and it seems that with each passing week there is something new and exciting. This weeks idea is the MOONDROP. This gravity defying promotional swag incorporates […]

Free Samples

Free Samples: You Can’t Buy’em if you Can’t Try’em! Free Fidget and Gadget Samples! Promo Motive is proud to announce our free sample program or as we like to say “You can’t buy’em if you can’t try’em!” Program.   Our Free Sample program is SIMPLE as 1-2-3! 1) Email [email protected] and ask for any of […]

The Next 3 Big Things for Promo

The Promotional Products world has never been more interesting than it is now. The advent of the Fidget category for Swag has opened up a ton of new ideas for marketers to put their logo on! Here are the Top 3 Swag Products of 2017 as named by USA Today! Fidget Spinners: Yes we all […]


THE VICTORY METAL FIDGET SPINNER!  Looking for long spin time in an affordable metal fidget spinner? Get your hands on the VICTORY! Are you looking for the best in an inexpensive premium metal fidget spinner? If yes, then consider the Victory. What makes the Victory a great fidget spinner? + 4 – Hi-Spin Bearings.Premium Bearing Style […]