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Free Pop Phone Stands.

pop sockets promotional product

In the promo business there is a saying…”If you can’t smell them, you can’t sell them!” Free sales samples of the POP, POP SQUARE and NUCK POP Phone grips are yours just for asking! The back of your customers smartphone is the new battleground for marketing dollars and brand exposure. We are pleased to present […]

Get a FREE Video on the Folding Coffee Cup. Sip Flip


Distributors! Would your like a FREE Marketing Video for the SIP FLIP Folding Coffee Cup? Of course you would! You’re Smart aren’t you? Promo Motive….Yes! We are insane… we will make you a totally free Video…host it on Youtube PLUS send you a emailable video all with your logo on it….just like the one below…..all […]


free promo samples

  Amazing Free Sample Offer for Promo Distributors! Welcome to the first annual Sample Blowout!!! Promo Motive wants you to succeed in 2019 and we know there is now better way than to give you FREE samples! For 2019 we are giving any qualified promo distributor their choice of up to 10 promotional product sales […]

FREE Samples of Folding Reusable Drinking Straw for Promotional Product Distributors!

free samples of folding reusable collapsible drinking straw

Looking for samples, virtual proofs or pricing on the LAST STRAW folding reusable drinking straw? Promotional Product distributors are our best friends! Get your FREE samples, virtual or special pricing simply by asking us. Free Samples. Due to high demand we offer 1 single free sample at this time. YES,the demand is that high! If […]

FREE virtual proofs in 20 minutes or less!

free virtuals on promotional products

Now here’s a challenge that most suppliers can’t live up to: virtual proofs on the following items in 20 minutes or less. As a distributor you hate to wait! I get that! So on the following items we will get you FREE virtual proofs in under 20 minutes. To get your free virtual proofs simply […]

Professional marketers are caught off guard by this idea

popsocket for promo, tradeshow and b2b marketing swag. Ge

Professional promotional products marketers and B2B specialists are stunned by this new idea. Free samples of a product to test and try before purchasing seem something out of the 1950’s. Promo Motive is bringing back the good old days with free samples of it POP phone grips. Reversing the trend from simply providing free virtual […]

FREE POP Phone Stand Samples for Tradeshow Swag.

Today we offer FREE corporate logo’d samples of the POP phone stands!

Free Samples

Free Samples: You Can’t Buy’em if you Can’t Try’em! Free Fidget and Gadget Samples! Promo Motive is proud to announce our free sample program or as we like to say “You can’t buy’em if you can’t try’em!” Program.   Our Free Sample program is SIMPLE as 1-2-3! 1) Email [email protected] and ask for any of […]


Do you need a free sample of a fidget cube before you order them? No doubt about it, Fidget Cubes are HOT! In fact if you look at the Kickstarter story on Fidget Cubes you will see they exceeded expectations by almost 5000%!  CONSIDERING A FIDGET CUBE FOR A PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN? BUT NEED A SAMPLE? We have over 1000 Fidget Cubes […]