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Covid Second Wave

second wave corona virus

We used to be afraid of the Russians invading, now we are afraid of a virus invading. Be afraid, the second wave is coming. Watch YouTube Video! Get Ready, 2nd Covid Wave is Going To Crush! We are generally optomists. We like to see the silver lining in all things but no matter how we […]

America Business Anxiety 2020

marketing during the covid crisis

American Business Anxiety In the summer of 2020 and for the near forseeable future anxiety in the American business sector due to the disruption caused by covid-19 is rampant. We found this post at a great site dedicated to marketing for the fitness and health industrys. However it is very applicable to our general promotional […]

PPE Here Now

good news on ppe

Finally, some good news on PPE! The absolute greatest change in the promotional products market is that several very large mask and hand sanitizer factories both from offshore and domestic have now warehoused PPE in the USA. We have access to nearly 10 different large warehoused in the USA PPE products. Many can be imprinted!


hello i am suing you

As America emerges back to business opening after the initial virus will there be Covid Lawsuits? YES! Watch This! I needed to get out of the office. Excuse the video setting 🙂 Email for inventory and prices on immediate delivery masks and hand sanitizer.Email [email protected] Don’t believe me that covid-19 lawsuits are possible? Read this…click […]