Promo Swag TrendSpotting. What is it and Why do we do it?

The latest trend in the Promotional Product field is one in which very few Swag suppliers work. That trend is called PROMO SWAG TRENDSPOTTING!

What is Promo TrendSpotting and how does it work?

TrendSpotting is something that has been used by leading-edge fashion retailers and product designers for years. Promo Motive is the first and foremost swag supplier to use this insightful methodology of market research for the promotional products industry.

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What is TrendSpotting?

Simply put, Swag TrendSpotting is the collection of data gleaned from various Web sources such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and over other 30 web sites combined with a keyword analysis of nearly 50 international promotional product blogs where our proprietary search criteria is designed to find and spot product trends that can be logo’d. (whew!)

The Old Way of Promo Suppliers is Dead!

Traditional Swag Suppliers work in what I refer to as a stale-dated business model. Basically they review their past years sales, re-order the same products for the next year and inventory them in their USA warehouse imprinting them on an as need basis (I know this because I have worked in the past for Big Suppliers like this).

The upside for this business model is that if you want the same thing for this year’s tradeshow as last years tradeshow, the supplier will have it and can deliver it in 24 hours.

The many downsides for this business model include the marketing sins of being boring by using the same swag, year after year!

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The New Way of Promo TrendSpotting for Swag!

TrendSpotting is at the heart of how we work. Our research, algorithm and analysis works to discover new products that are trending online. We then source these products using our long-time Chinese Trading partner to insure that the goods can be logo’d and delivered quickly plus insure they meet our rigorous quality standards. 

We Deliver in 2 weeks or less!

In these days of “instant everything” 2 weeks may seem like an eternity but these 2 weeks will save you money and provide you with swag ideas that not everyone else has! 

Simply put. As a Supplier, If you have to carry and invest in USA based promotional products inventory, you will always play it safe (ie boring). Big Inventory means Big Risk!

“Our Motto… Promo Motive, Not Available Everywhere!”

What to do next?

If you would like to know more about what’s trending, what is not trending and how to better capitalize on our free market insights simply call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us.

We Make It Simple!

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Top 3 Promo Swag Ideas.

The Top 3 Promo Swag Ideas. What are they and why are they popular!

Spotting trends is our business. We are NOT your old style supplier of promotional swag, we are trendspotters who look for products that are spiking on YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest. We then source these products direct from the factory and delivering them from there to your doorstep! We know what we are doing.

Trends to consider as of Sept 13, 2017!

#1: Premium Fidget Spinners: While the sale of basic inexpensive fidget spinners is flatlining the sale and interest in premium quality fidget spinners is on the rise. Metal fidget spinners, Titanium spinners and Fidget Cubes are racing up our trend charts. 

Top 3 Promo Swag Ideas


#2: EDC Tools: You see it everywhere, EDC! What does EDC mean?  EDC is an acronym for Every Day Carry and is in itself a trending word/concept. The idea behind EDC for promo swag is almost certainly a modern day take on things that were once popular such as Swiss Army Knives and Leatherman tools. 

edc multi tools for tradeshow


 #3 Fidget Cubes: Fidget Cubes actually kicked off the trend on all things Fidgety. However, the fidget spinner trend initially ran over the cube last spring. Now as the inexpensive spinner trend is leveling off the Fidget Cube is showing distinct signs of increased sales and interest. What is a Fidget Cube and How does it work? Watch this Video on YouTube!

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To find out more on these and other tradeshow trends contact us at 888-908-1481 or email 


Why do wheels appear to spin backwards? Reverse spinning fidget spinners.

In this installment we answer “Why do Fast Spinning Wheels Appear to Spin Backwards?

In this the last week of summer we have a little time to ponder things and ask ourselves, why? Why do fidget spinners appear to spin in reverse.

This is caused due to human persistence of vision. It is called the Stroboscopic Effect or Wagon-wheel effect.

When we see something that is moving, we do not actually see every point in the motion. We capture an image 10-12 times every second, and we use the data that we capture, and using past experience/common logic, we fill in the blanks.

So this is a slower motion.

When a fast spinning fidget spinner (or wheel of a car or the rotor of a helicopter) is spinning it is a much faster movement and depending on the speed, we capture random points of rotation. So it could appear that it is spinning the opposite direction, the same direction but slower, or even not moving at all.

So since the rotation is faster than what the eye can capture, it may appear that the rotation is actually in the opposite direction.

As the speed of rotation changes, the apparent direction of rotation will also change.

Thus when a car accelerates, the tires appear to move forward, then slow down, then rotate the opposite direction.
This is all because of fast rotation (faster than the eye can see) and human persistence of vision.

backwards spinning fidget spinner for promotional swag

reverse spinning fidget spinner for promotional swagreverse spinning fidget spinner for promotional swag