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What Is Promo Motive

what is promo motive promotional products

Promo Motive is a Disruptor in The Promo Business! What does it mean to be a disruptor in the Promotional Products Supplier business? The supply-side of the promotional products industry has gotten into a collosal rut over the last decade. The product selection has gotten decidedly boring with all the big suppliers carrying the same […]

Swag or Promotional Product?

Which term is correct? The answer you choose may be more telling than you think. This article may sound light hearted enough, should it be called SWAG or a Promotional Product but your answer may be more of a foreshadowing of your own personal future in this business and the future of this business in […]

Is this ad offensive or funny?

offensive ad about promotional products for tradeshows and business promotional products

Is this ad offensive or funny? Recent email ad causes some recipients to be offended. But is it offensive? In today’s hyper-sensitive world is it possible that ads that were once cosidered tongue-in-cheek funny are now so offensive that they speak of an enormous insensitivity? As a marketer to promotional products distributors, professional swag sellers, […]

POP The Socket Phone Holder

Pop phone grips and accordion socket style phone stand. Get your logo on this promotional product. Show it off on your phone and logo your pop phone socket

POP The Socket Phone Holder.   Everyone who has a Smartphone should have a POP phone holder. Marketers who are looking to promote their business brand or logo should get their logo on a POP collapsible phone accessory. The POP smartphone holder is a socket style collapsible cell phone stand that attaches to the back […]

Fidget Spinner

FIDGET Spinner   The Fidget Spinner is without a doubt the hottest toy trend and promotional product fad of the 21st century. The Fidget Spinner was originally designed over 25 years ago by Catherine Hettinger The original use of the Fidget Spinner was as a cure for children with ADHD and anxiety. This worked well […]