Today’s Awesome Promo Product Idea!

New Ways To Suck! The Folding Reusable Drinking Straw!

By now we all know that single-use plastics like the venerable old drinking straw are no longer sustainable. 

Isn’t it time to get your logo on something that say something!

The Folding Straw! Perfected!

Get your business or event logo on the eco-friendliest promotional product or trade show giveaway, the folding reusable stainless steel straw. 

Need them? Of course you do!  Call 1-888-908-1481 or email us here

folding collapsible reusable drinking straw


To get a price quote on this awesome folding reusable drinking straw with FREE Shipping and No Set-Up Call 1-888-908-1481 or email us for info. 

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reusable folding drinking straw

We Source Anything!

We have over 150 factories that we have a working ongoing relationship with. Over 150! These factories produce over 10,000 products.

In these factories we can and will find you and your client anything you could possibly want with a logo on it!

Think of us as your FREE PRODUCT SOURCING tool!

Click to read- “How Factory Direct Works for You!

Take 5 minutes on the phone and we will make you and your clients dreams come true. Or at the very least, their marketing ideas. Call -1-888-908-1481  Email Us.

Our Motto is “We Do Weird Well!”.

We are a very unique supplier of promotional swag.

Here’s why!

+We provide our promotional product distributor clients with direct access to over 150 promotional product factories both here in the USA and overseas.
+They make over 10,000 unique promotional product and trade show swag ideas.
+ We take care of everything from the factory floor to your door for 1 low all inclusive price. Customs, imprinting, brokerage, sourcing. Everything!


Here’s more great info!

Very Important Information for Promo Distributors in 2022!

-The Big Box Suppliers “are out of stock” on the best sellers and their Customer Service is short staffed.

-They have “No Clue” as to when they will truly be back to normal, PLUS the back orders will decimate the order process. Your order will be screwed up!

-The Smart Promo Buyers are calling us to solve their problems by “Going Direct to the Factory”. Are you a smart buyer?

-Call me directly at 250-661-4057 or email J[email protected]


“Access over 150 actual promotional product factories that produce over 10,000 ideas!”


Welcome to the Insiders Promotional Product Distributors Page!

We Will Source You ANYTHING! Seriously…ANYTHING!

Who are you?

If you are at this secret page we have targeted you as leader and winner in the promo biz!

You are likely a promotional merchandise company with amazing marketing talent and the creative culture of an advertising agency.

You also love to leverage your combined talents and in the process have gained the trust of your best-loved clients

You and your team bring the clients in, you are a salesmaker!

Who is Promo Motive?

Promo Motive is a unique supplier to the promotional product distributor. We are small, agile, nimble yet aggressive. We only deal direct with the actual factories that make the promotional products.

In fact we have a direct sourcing agreement with over 150 factories in 10 different countries. We can and do source anything for your clients logo!

What we can offer you in products?

Our motto is “We Do Weird Well!”

What this really means is we specialize in sourcing the most interesting an eye-catching promotional products.

Even though your clients may occasionally buy basic pens and coffee cups we don’t want that business. It’s not what we do well.

What we do really well are products like Pop Phone Sockets Folding Coffee CupsRubiks Cubes with full 6 sided logo , Ridge type wallets and Pop-it Silicone Toys.

Is this all the products we offer? Not even close!

We also supply  Custom 3D puzzles, RFID wallets, Every Day Carry Tools, Amazing Custom Leather Goods, Factory Fresh Hats, Factory Bags and Back Packs, Awesome Sublimated Wearables and more than 10,000 other factory direct ideas.

How do YOU benefit from working with Promo Motive?

During Covid we retooled and refocused our attention on the post pandemic promotional world.

The question we asked of ourselves. What was to be our role?

It is now our goal when working for you to do the  following:

All orders include FREE Shipping , No Set-up charges and we take care of all importation fees, duties and taxes. We will provide you 1 single all inclusive price for any order.

We will source you ANYTHING. Got a tough client request. We have over 150 factories located in 10 countries all of which we have dealt with over the past 20 plus years. Most factory responses take 24-48 hours at most!

We work on a teeny, tiny almost invisible margin. Yup, we will beat anyone’s price.

Think of us as your “almost-inhouse” sourcing agent!

We are here for YOU! Put us to the test!

Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us.