The World’s Best Promotional Rubiks Cube

The Rubiks Cube has fascinated and frustrated people since it invention in 1974. Almost since its first iteration the Rubiks Cube has been a vessel for its use as a promotional product. When a product becomes a successful promotional product for trade shows and business marketing it does so for the following reasons.

Eyeballs: The more times your logo is seen the more effective the product is. The Rubiks Cube may be the most effective promotional product ever!

Imprinting: As you stare at the Rubiks Cube the logo shown on all 6 sides imprints the brand and its message into the brain.

Rubiks Cube Net Price

(the most popular 2.6 inch model prices…7 other sizes available)

250-499 pieces  $4.28

500-999 pieces $3.98

1000 plus pieces  $3.58

(LTM 100- 249 pieces  $6.48)

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The prices promo peeps pay for these from other suppliers is insane and makes me want to choke!

They are not Gold bars, they are not Bitcoin, they are not Alpaca dress shirts (?), they are Rubiks Cubes.

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Why Rubiks Cubes are so Awesome!

  • Brand Awareness: Rubiks Cubes are something that people play with everyday. Thus, displaying your brand name on a
  • Rubiks Cube is an excellent way to make people notice and gain awareness for your brand.
  • Uniqueness:
  • Rubiks Cubes are not something that you see everyday. Hence, you can easily stand out from your competitors using these 
  • Rubiks Cubes to promote your brand. In a business climate where traditional advertising simply does not cut it anymore, these 6 sided cubes lets you differentiate your brand from all the others.
  • Utility: Cubes are a necessity for almost everyone. Thus, giving away promotional Rubiks Cubes is sure to make customers appreciate your brand, as they are receiving something that they need. Maximizing utility for customers is always a smart move!
  • Highly Customizable: These custom Rubiks Cubes are customizable on all 6 sides. There is a near endless possibility of ideas that you can choose for your brand!


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