Have you forgotten who and what Promo motive is and does?

It happens, we get it! 🙂

You are here because you are a marketing professional.

A marketing professional who is looking to do the following!

-Save money on swag

-Find new ideas

-Get closer to the source factory

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Here is what we do best for our customers

We offer you over 100 factory’s, at your fingertips!

Tired of having your supplier be “out of stock” or long delays in delivery? Read these panels below to learn more on how we can work together!

Here's a Question for you!

Do your customers really remember who you are and what you do?

Recent survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review lays it out clearly.

“The recent post-pandemic survey has shown us that only 34% of your customers remember who you are and what you do. A staggering 66% are looking for options”

If you and your business are looking to reconnect with old customer and connect with new prospects you need to get your brand front and center.

 You need to compete for their attention, for their loyalty and for your brand awareness like never before. You need to get back into the business marketing game. Read More. 

Make your first post-covid marketing shot count!

“We Do Weird Well!

It has been proven by science and psychology that by putting your branding message or logo on something unusual or eye-catching, consumers will remember you far better.

Ever ask yourself why some TV commercials are so weird? So weird in fact that they have no relationship to the actual product they are selling?

It’s because science has shown the eye-catching and weird works better than features and benefits!

Eye-catching ideas will make them pay attention!

See Our Weird, Quirky and eye-catching ideas collection here.

We are definitely different!

There are lots of suppliers to choose from but very few who you can partner with to get exactly what you want!

We have direct access to over 100 factory’s!

10,000 factory direct marketing and promo products!

We can and will save you up to 50%!

Go factory direct but stay in control of everything!

And finally.....Let's think differently about marketing. It may just be what you need most!

Let Promo Motive provide you and your business our expert marketing insights. We have over 100 onshore and offshore factories that produce some of the best marketing giveaways, promotional products and trade show swag. We stay small, nimble and super-creative.

Isn’t it time to Think Differently ?

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