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Custom Knitted or Sublimated Socks are All the Rage!

Hard to believe that what was once the lowly sock, relegated to a last minute purchase as a neccessity has now become one of the hottest trends at retail but it’s true.
As we all know once an item or idea has become in demand at retail it is only a matter of time before it enters into the promotional product marketplace.

Thanks in part to celebrity’s such as Ellen Degeneres, Socks have become a “must-have” fashion statement.

Socks are an ideal bit of swag and will cause a stampede to your next tradeshow booth or marketing event. Here’s why!
+ Everyone wants them and everyone wears them (except Don Johnson in the 1980’s?)
+ They are completely customizable. We can design them to be a wacky fashion idea, sublimate your logo or design into them or go more traditional and knit them into sports socks.
+They are inexpensive and desirable. 2 of the main traits of a succesful promotional product.

“Get Your Logo on a Custom Pair of Socks!”