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You are here because you are a business marketer that uses promotional products.

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We have over 1000 Promo Factory’s on Speed-dial!

They produce over 10,000 products for a clients logo!

All orders come direct from the factory to your door in 3 weeks or less!

We will find any product, we provide a free sourcing service!

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Time to reboot & rethink your marketing!

Eye-catching ideas will make them pay attention!

We are the Kings of Swag, the Queens of Quirk, the purveyors of the unique and unusual, or as we like to say.

“We Do Weird Well!

It has been proven by science and psychology that by putting your branding message or logo on something unusual or eye-catching, consumers will remember you far better. Ever ask yourself why some TV commercials are so weird? So weird in fact that they have no relationship to the actual product they are selling? It’s because science has shown the eye-catching and weird works better than features and benefits!

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And finally.....Let's think differently about marketing. It may just be what you need most!

Let Promo Motive provide you and your business our expert marketing insights. We have over 100 onshore and offshore factories that produce some of the best marketing giveaways, promotional products and trade show swag. We stay small, nimble and super-creative.

Isn’t it time to Think Differently ?


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