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How to compete more effectively in the promotional products business. Are you struggling to understand the new post-pandemic paradigm of the promotional products marketing business? Here’s some insights.



The Top 3 Promotional Products for Summer 2021! It is almost summer 2021 and a version of “normal” is almost back and ready to rock. As we look at the light at the end of the tunnel and we see the light is not a train rushing to overrun us but the light to re-open, the green light to get back to business.

Popster Silicone Phone Wallet

popster phone wallet coded prices

Popster Silicone Phone Wallet. It’s a Popster Phone Grip and a Silicone Phone Wallet! Holds up to 6 card and also has the very popular popable phone grip. Call 1-888-908-1481



Factory Direct Promotional Products in 2021.
Big Box Suppliers May Be Doomed!

In the summer of 2021 getting your promotional products direct from the factory is the best way to get back on top of the marketing game. As you may have figure out, the supply and delivery of promotional products from the big box suppliers like Leeds and Hit are in deep deep trouble. Why is this?

Promo Industry. The end is near!

the end is near

Promo Industry. The end is near! In 2021, if you are an American or Canadian promotional products distributor looking to reboot your business post covid-19, you are best served by going factory direct for your promotional products.

Custom Shape Acrylic Ring Phone Stand.


Custom Shape Acrylic Ring Phone Stand. Get your logo, brand or marketing message shown on the back of your customers smartphone. Bring to life virtually any image or logo or custom graphic with the full-color Custom Shape Acrylic Ring Holder. 

Factory Direct Promotional Products 2021

the end of promo as we once knew it

Factory Direct Promotional Products 2021 In 2021 and as we get to a post-covid business world the idea of business returning to the “same old, same old” is both highly unlikely and not particularly a sound idea. When business is going on about it’s merry way in the normal course of events it is obvious […]