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How to use and clean a folding collapsible reusable drinking straw. Explained!

People all over the world are going gaga over the folding reusable drinking straw, but how do you use it? Marketers from around the globe are flocking to Promo Motive to get their hands on the latest promotional idea, LAST STRAW, the folding reusable collapsible drinking straw. Getting your logo on a folding reusable drinking […]

FREE Samples of Folding Reusable Drinking Straw for Promotional Product Distributors!

Looking for samples, virtual proofs or pricing on the LAST STRAW folding reusable drinking straw? Promotional Product distributors are our best friends! Get your FREE samples, virtual or special pricing simply by asking us. Free Samples. Due to high demand we offer 1 single free sample at this time. YES,the demand is that high! If […]

Folding Collapsible Reusable Drinking Straw. Now in 5 Cool Colors.

Get your logo on a folding reusable drinking straw and choose from 5 great colors. The Promo industry is buzzing with the latest idea called LAST STRAW. The leading edge folding reusable drinking straw from Promo Motive. The folding drinking straw specifically designed for the promotional products market is called LAST STRAW. It is available […]

Saving the planet with promotional products. The folding reusable drinking straw.

In 2018 the promotional products industry is finally getting on the green bandwagon. Promotional products or swag are not generally known for their eco-friendly approach but now there are a number of green friendly promotional ideas, the one we are looking at is the Folding Drinking Straw. The folding collapsible drinking straw is a Kickstarter […]

Wholesale Folding Reusable Drinking Straw for B2B Marketing

The folding reusable drinking straw is now available for wholesale bulk orders. Retailers, promotional specialists and eco-enthusiasts are all thrilled to now be able to buy the factory direct, Last Straw, the folding reusable drinking straw. The world of retail and promotional marketing is changing and each day new and innovative takes on old ideas […]