Why Now

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Why Now?

It’s a good question. Why now?

Why do you need to ramp up your marketing?

Why do you need to re-engage with your clients? Why, after over 2 years of discombobulation do you need to do this now?

The Pandemic is Over.

Your clients have forgotten how great you are! Trust me when I say this, even if they have spoken with you, done business with you, had a coffee etc. They have forgotten just how great your are at building there business. You need to re-engage.

Everyone is looking for a new vendor,supplier, provider!


The last 2 years have produced an environment that has turned your customers loyalty upside-down. You need to show them new ideas! You need to touch base! Don’t believe me? Wanna bet?

Go Factory Direct or Die!

The bottle-neck in the supply chain is at the “Big Box Suppliers”. They simply cannot keep up. They put all their “eggs in the PPE basket”. You want a cheap mask, they got millions of them that no one wants. However, want a new idea for a logo. Forget it.

Factory direct means we fly your product in direct to your doorstep from the factory. We have over 100 factory’s in our company.

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Get Us Working For You

You’re likely a returning customer or maybe a new one. Doesn’t matter. We want your business. We want to make your better.

Isn’t that what this is all about?

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world's best factory direct promotional products

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