Weird Works Well

selfie shoe

Weird works well!

In the spring of 2022 business marketing and promotional products are back in a big way.

In this post we discuss how eye-catching, weird promotional products work better than other products in getting eyeballs on your brand or logo!

Here’s some winning weird ideas!

  • custom rubiks cube
    custom rubiks cube

Why does weird work well and why it works even better in 2022!

Believe it or not there is science at work when it comes to the effectiveness of weird.

The brain is attuned to noticing “things out of the ordinary”. This can be done both visually and auditorily. This is best shown when you are watching TV. Have you ever noticed that the ads get louder? This is intentional in an effort to grab your attention.

Why do Major advertisers do weird things?

The other thing you may have noticed and wondered about is the ads you see in print and on TV. Why would a company like VW show a guy dancing on the beach wearing a onesie? It’s not about the VW car, it’s in an effort to get you to remember their brand!

Get Weird, Get Noticed!

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