Silicone Popping Toy

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POP IT! The Silicone Popping Toy!

Don’t Need It! Then we probably have it!

Effective marketing and promotional products often defy convention. To be effective it does not have to be practical, it just needs to be eye-catching.

The purpose of an effective promotional product or b2b marketing gift is to get “eyeballs on a logo!”. That’s it. Pure it simple.

The most effective promo’s are ideas with the clients logo on them that keep them entertained and provide that al important 7 Impressions!

“It takes 7 impressions to make an impression!”

The above quote simply stated means, that it takes at least 7 times for the user to see the logo before it imprints on their noggin.

A good example of a bad idea for your logo!

If you put your logo on a golf ball, you are throwing your money away.

Most corporate tourneys are full of duffers whose first thing is to whack the $3 dollar ball into the bush. I know this as I buy them from the local Pro Shop for 50 cents!

A good example of a great idea for your logo!


Yes it’s mindless, playful and totally pointless. But your client will play with it for tong time. And isn’t that what this is all about???

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popit prices
popit prices