Name Your Price

Name your price on hand sanitizer. Get your logo on FDA approved gel formula hand sanitizer. On sale now.

It is ridiculous, that in the midst of a Pandemic we are doing this, but here goes.

The deal is this!

  1. We have 15,000 units of 2 ounce, gel formula, 75% alcohol, FDA approved hand sanitizer in NY. (the good stuff, no ethanol)
  2. We paid a LOT OF MONEY for this in the spring. We now want to sell it as fast as possible.
  3. No reasonable offer will be refused.

What do you do now?

  1. Send your bid to [email protected]
  2. Your bid is for blanks. If you want a 4 color logo add 15 cents each.
  3. Freight is extra from NY to you (think 10-15 cents each by ground)

That’s it!