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Pop Phone Socket. Great Marketing Idea.

Get your business logo on a Pop Socket Phone Grip.

In the age of covid-19 it is now more important than ever to promote your business. Perhaps the most effective way to do so is with the Pop Grip

Don’t stop marketing during Covid.

Marketing is essential to the American business, however during the covid-19 crisis we have seen advertising spends plummet. This is a bad move.

During Covid marketing is more essential than ever. How do we know this?

The Covid-19 pandemic is what is considered a Black Swan event. A Black Swan event is best described as an unforseen event of major porportions.

There have been other Black Swan events in our recent past where we can draw lessons from about how to market during these events.

9/11 and the banking crisis of 2009 were both Black Swan events. During those times many businesses retracted or shut down their marketing altogether.


Their theory was that since no one was buying anything that spending money on marketing was a poor idea. This was a stupid idea!

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Marketing during a Black Swan event is a great idea.

Events such as Covid-19 have a lot of unintended consequences in the marketplace.

Firstly, it weeds out the week. I hate to say this but “those businesses who were just getting by before the corona virus hit will not be coming back”.

Secondly, there is way less marketing clutter to contend with. This means that if you are proactively marketing during the pandemic, your message and brand will get more impressions and imprints.

Fortune Favors The Brave

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Fortune Favors The Brave in Marketing!

The old Latin phrase “Fortune favors the brave” is a good way to describe marketing during the corona virus pandemic.

What this basically means is that those businesses (the brave) who market during the pandemic are the ones who have the most to gain.

The key to marketing during these type of sea change events is to market effectively and to not spend too much.

Why Pop Phone Sockets are the perfect marketing tool!

We could go into all kinds of details about the pyschology of marketing and the reasons whey we are all so entranced with our smartphones but lets make it short and sweet.

On average each person uses their smartphone 96 times or more a day. This means that if you have your business logo on Pop Phone Socket, your logo will be seen 96 times each day or over 35,000 times a year!

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