Nitrile Gloves

nitrile gloves

Nitrile Gloves In Stock In The USA.

There are a few things in life that are very rare and hard to come by. In my opinion and in no particular order they are hen’s teeth, a happy divorce, and Nitrile gloves!

In the age of Covid-19 having in stock in the USA Nitrile Gloves is about as rare as hen’s teeth, however, we have them.

Glove Prices and Minimum Order Quantity!

Nitrile gloves come in boxes of 100. There are 100 boxes in a master carton or 10,000 Nitrile Gloves! This is the Minimum Order size. 100 boxes=10,000 gloves.

Minimum order price $.24 cents each. Total order value $2400 min.

Listen up and read this carefully! We know that 6 months ago you could have bought Nitrile Gloves for 12-14 cents. I DON’T CARE!

I could have bought Gold for $30 an ounce in 1978 but didn’t as I thought the price would probably go down. Guess what? I was wrong!

Buy Now! Not Now, But, Right Effing Now!

I know your clients want to think and look around and wonder if they should or shouldn’t buy them at this particular time. If they are thinking this way, they are WRONG!

Nitrile Gloves are in High Demand and Have Low Supply, which means you need to Act Fast!

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